forty (bonus chapter)

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*one month later*  (her wound is healed)

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*one month later*  (her wound is healed)

i am finally off bedrest, leo hasn't let me workout or even go down the stairs. the spanish mafia wanted to have a meeting and apperently it wasn't that urgent so the meeting was set for a tomorrow. 

the twins are currently 16 months, they have learned how to run REALLYFAST  so its been a little bit of a struggle chasing them around. sienna is still 4 but her birthday is in 3 weeks, her dance classes today. she has been talking about being the leader of a mafia for the last month and has tried to convince us to let her kill someone. YES MY 4 YEAR OLD WANTS TO KILL SOMEONE. 

..should i let her?

no sofia. at least wait until shes 7 dumbass.



"you ready, cara?" i ask my daughter as we walk into the dance studio that leo had boughten. yes he wanted sienna to be in a studio owned by him so thats what he did. i was pushing the twins in a double stroller trying to get my 'strength' back. that month really messed with my body.

"yes!" she happily shouted. she had 2 body guards that are to be with her the whole time and 12 around the building, not my idea but shes a mafia kid, they can get kidnapped really easily.

"okay ena, if you ever wanna leave just tell your guards and if you need me to kill anyone. tell me." leo smirked at her and guess what she did, SMIRKED BACK.

"dont say that."i say and slap his arm softly.

"god and i thought she was gonna turn out like sofia. shes worse, shes like leos little spawn." adri laughed.

yup the whole entire family was here.

"imagine alex." alfonso laughed while i gave him a death stare.

"oh lord i am not ready." i rubbed my forehead with a sigh.

"nah yall aren't ready for bella." adri smirked. "sienna was running around naked like a drunk lady when she was 10 months old." i nodded remembering those moments. 

"SOFIA DID THAT TOO!" marco shouted.

"oh by the way, i just got the email. apparently the spanish mafia found the heir and they are announcing them in a ball in 3 weeks." hannah added.

"okay." we all nodded in agreement.

a blonde women in her old 20's comes up to us with a sports bra that is around 3 sizes to small and some spandex that are so far up her ass. she had a frown on her face but when she sees leo, it immediately turns into a sly smirk. "hello, my name is Britney. welcome to Siennas Dance Studio, what can i do for you handsome. i can do anything, i mean anything." she says while battling her eyelashes at leo while he just looked at her in disgust and scooted closer to me.

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