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i grabbed the 2 guns, handed him one and grabbed one myself

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i grabbed the 2 guns, handed him one and grabbed one myself. "ill try and shoot their tires." i said and leo kept driving. i opened the window and started shooting. i hit the cars front 2 wheels and it starts spoiling out of control. 3 more cars appear. they kept trying to shoot at us. we both crotched down.

"theirs 4 now. call marco and get some backup." he immediately called marco and marco sent back up. "they are coming." leo said looking at me. "hold on" he said and grabbed my hand. fuck off i get butterflies when we are about to die.

"ok go shoot now." he said. i grabbed the gun and started shooting more tires. i shot both of their front tires and the driver. triple homicide asf.

leo was going as fast as the car can go and lemme tell you it was fast. he did a lot of turns and tried to lose them. we both saw his men in their cars. they started shooting and we went the opposite way as the shooting.

"that was badass not gonna lie"i say breaking the silence all he does is laugh and continue driving home.

after a couple of minutes i looked behind us and didn't see anyone.

"okay they're gone." i let out an air i didn't know i was holding.i looked at his face and he looked mad. i looked down to see my hand still in his. i rubbed his hand with my thumb, he held my hand tighter.

the rest of the car ride was a silent, he still had my hand in a tight grip. every once in a while i'd rub my thumb on his hand. he look really pissed.

"can you come to my office tomorrow at 1pm? i hope thats enough time to go shopping. i have a meeting and we need to figure out who attacked us."he said as he was driving into the driveway.

"of course." i respond with a smile. when we finally approach the house,i let go off his hand and we both got out of the car. when we opened the door we got swarmed with people.adri, marco, hannah and alfonso (leos+adris dad)

"are you okay?"

"did you get hurt?"

"im going to kill someone"

"im bring my spatula!"

"mom, calm down please. were both fine." he said and i nodded. everyone seemed relived.

"wait how did you guys take them out if leo was driving?"marco asked which made him get a weird look from everyone.

"uh me" i say and his eyes widen.

"HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW TO USE A GUN?"he screams and i point at adri.

"she taught me" i say. adri comes and hugs me.

"i was so scared, i thought something happened to you. i love you so much shawty." adri says crying, i hug her back and wipe her tears.

"its okay, im okay! i love you too!" i exclaimed. and she lets go of me and i see alfonso.

"alfonso!!!" i say and give him a hug. ive met him a couple times before when he picked adri up from my house.

"sofia!! how have you been?"alfonso says returning the hug.

"yall have met before?" leo asks very confused.

"yes. she was always with adri. did you dare her a tattoo back? for revenge." he says and i laugh.

"of course. she made me get one so i made her get one." i say and marco has his mouth open in a 'o' shape.

"you have tattoos?" marco asks and leo snickers.

"yup ill show you later. im going to sleep. killing people gets me tired. good night!!" i say and start walking away leaving everyone shocked.




word count:670

im on vacay so im not going to post any new chapters until i come back. sorry for the disappointment. anyways ilysm <33

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