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*tw! it has some mentions of rape and depression

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*tw! it has some mentions of rape and depression. it might be triggering to some so i just wanted to lyk :)*


oh my god. this is freaking huge. ima get so lost.

"MY BABY IS HOME!your father will be home later. he had a last minute business meeting he had to attend too." a middle age women with brown hair and brown eyes came running to us.she was around 5'6. she gave leo a huge hug and then moved on to marco. when she let go she saw us.

"oh my goodness, what an adorable little baby." she said to sienna. sienna shyly smiled at her. "im hannah, leos mom! and you are?" she asked me with a smile on her face.

"im sofia and this is sienna. nice to meet you! im marcos sister." i said with a smile on my face. she pulled me into a hug and i was confused at first but ended up hugging her back.

"sofia?" i turn my head and saw the last person i expected. adrianna. we were best friends since we were 13, she would always help me with sienna. but when we were 16 she moved away.she was there with me through it all. "adri" she came running at me and gave me a huge hug.

"oh my god i missed you so much." she exclaimed.

"me too" i said as tears rolled down both of our faces.

"auntie adri!" sienna screamed as adrianna crouched down so sienna can give her a hug.

"i missed you so much bub." adrianna was like a sister to me, we were both devastated when she had to move away.

"i missed you too" sienna said as adrianna started tickling her. the sound of her giggling filled the house.


"what just happened" marco says.

"you just ruined the moment." hannah says and slaps the back of marcos head.

"so how do you guys now each other?" leo curiously asks.

"we went to school together." i lied. we actually meet in the underground fight.

did i forget to mention that i fight? oh whoops slipped from my mind.

"oh so sofia is the one who helped you graduate at 15?" hannah asks adriana.


"and she helped me with sienna." i smile at adri.

"have you told them..." she asked and i shook my head.

"tell them when your ready." she said and brought me in another hug.

"thank you." i whispered so only she can hear.

"so, what are you doing here?" she asks me curiously.

"well my dear brother kidnapped us in new york and then found out im his sister and then brought me here." i say with a fake smile on my face. hannah and adrianas eyes widden.

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