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"ew this shit is so gross." sofia looks around in disgust. leo and marco nod in agreement.

they were on the way to go get retrieve their oldest daughter from this gross warehouse, which was in fact 20 minutes from their house.


well them obviously.

they heard a really loud, heart breaking scream.  sienna. 

"shoot this shit up, no survivors. except the kids." sofia spoke, emotion lacking in her voice.

all 200 of their soldiers spread out and started shooting everyone they saw. after 5 minutes of looking for the basement sofia,leo and marco went down into the cell room with multiple soliders behind them. what they saw broke their hearts.

their oldest daughter lying in her own blood with 4 guys around her trying to stop the bleeding, from her 3 stab was on her upper thigh, one was in her shoulder and the last one in her acl.she was bleeding fast and it did not want to stop. as leo and marco were about to shot the guys one of them speaks up.

"okay dont shoot us now bruh. we tryna help your daughter. your her parents right? sienna told us a lot. now come help us before she bleeds out." ricardo exclaimed really fast.

"look around the basement their has to still be people here. kill them" leo commanded his most trusted men.

the cell door was locked, sofia did even try to pick it she just shot it with her ak-47. which startled everyone, since they were so close to her.

they ran over and put more pressure on the wounds. sienna was in and out of consciousness due to being 11 and bleeding out.

"i need medical in her stat." marco voiced into his mic that linked to almost everyone.

"dont leave without them plea.." sienna said before she became unconscious again.

anyways, adriana came running in with her team behind her. they quickly put sienna on a stretcher and took her away, obviously to the mafias hospital. marco followed after them to make sure they dont fuck up even though he is still scared of adri.

this left sofia and leo with the 4 guys.

"so who are you guys?" sofia asked the 4 teenagers.

"im nathaniel. hes ricardo, hes nick and thats tommy." nathanial said point at the 3 other boys who just gave a little wave and a smile.

sofias motherly instinct kicked in, "how old are yall? how long have you been here?" she asked, worried.

"Nathaniel is 16, ricardo is 14, tommy is 17 and im 15.we've all been her for around 10 years." nick said.

sofia gasped, her heart breaking. those kids didnt even get a childhood. leo maintained a straight face, but inside he was shocked. 

"lets go." leo said, causing the boys to get confused but they still followed.

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