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i go on my phone while i wait for sophia to come downstairs

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i go on my phone while i wait for sophia to come downstairs. i hear footsteps coming from down the stairs. i look up and i see her walk down the stairs.

"you ready?" i ask and she gives me a smile and nods.i open the door that leads to the garage and we both walk to my black bmw. i open the door for her and she gives me another smile and thanks me.

"so where do you want to go eat?" she asks me as i get into the car. i looked down at my phone and realize it is 2:23 in the morning.

"not a lot is open but there is this diner like 10 minutes away we can go to." i say as i look at her. she was putting on her seatbelt and i did too.

" oo that sounds bussin." she said bussin all weird and we both burst out in laughter. i put the car in drive and pull out of the garage. i put on the radio and talking to the moon by bruno mars comes up. that's literally one of my favorite songs. i look over at her and at the same time she looks over at me. we started laughing again. i don't know why but i feel comfortable around her.

i tried to control myself from singing and i look over and i can tell shes trying to do the same. " TALKING TO THE MOOOONNNNN." she starts singing and i couldn't help but smile. "TRYING TO GET TO YOU.IN HOPES YOU'RE ON THE OTHER SIDE TALKING TO ME, TOO" i join in this time and we were both singing and when the song was over we were laughing again.

i get a call on my phone and i check who its from. its marco. i answer and my phone connects to the car play. " hey, im hungry can you bring me something to eat "

 " yeah sure what do you want" 

 "oo a burger right now sounds good. should i go ask sofia if she wants anything" damnnit it i forgot to tell him i was coming with his sister.

 "shes probably sleeping, don't wake her up" 

"true. okay see ya later" i hung up and looked over at sofia.

"did you not tell my brother i was coming with you?" she asks and i looked away. "im talking to you asswipe." i started laughing when she said asswipe.

"i sort-off forgot.." i said quietly. i kept looking over at her while trying to drive and not kill us. i was going 80 in a 40.

"eh its fine" she shrugs. i pulled into the diner's parking lot and parked.

we both got out of the car and walked in. we were seated by a waiter in her late 30's. she kept staring at me.

"hey babe why don't we sit in the booth in the back?" she says trying to get waiter to stop staring at me.did she just call me babe? what the hell is going on. 

"oo that's a good idea" i smiled at her and grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the waitress. is she jealous or am i hallucinating.

i just smirked.

why is this old ass lady staring at him

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why is this old ass lady staring at him. im not jealous but i wanna yank her hair out and kick her in the boobs.

im not jealous we met each other yesterday. i swear im not jealous.

when we walked over to the booth i saw leo smirking. stop smirking pretty boy.

we both sit down across from each other and the waitress comes back. "im patty, what can i get you mr.handsome." im going to puke. i look over at leo and he has his eyes widen.

"don't call me that and can i get a cheeseburger with no pickles or tomatoes and a vanilla milkshake." he says looking at me. i look back at her and i see her drop her pen. "oops accidentally dropped my pen." she says bending down trying to show off her boobs to leo.

i 'accidentally' kicked her right in the chest and she fell crashing down. i gave her a fake smile. i looked over at leo and he was trying not to laugh.

"oh no! your implants might have popped. oops im sorry" i gave her a fake apology and she stormed off. me and leo look at each other and burst out laughing.

 another lady comes back around the same age. "sorry about her shes new here, what can i get you sweetheart?" she says smiles at me.

"can i get 3 chicken tenders and fries with a strawberry milkshake please. thank you!" i say. she nods and walks away. as soon as she does that i get a phone call. it was marco. i showed the phone to leo and he looked up at me. i answered and pretend to yawn. 

"hello?" i ask trying to sound tired like she just woke me up. 

"where are you?" he asks loudly.

 "in my room, why" i say and see leo smirking. fake it till you make it.

"no your not, where the hell are you, im serious sofia" i put him on mute and look at leo.

"what do i say?" marco is going to kill me.

"that you're with sienna" i nod and i unmute myself.

"im in siennas room" i say hoping he would ask anymore questions.

"no you're not mommy" its sienna god dam it.why is she awake? 

" where are you sofia." he asks with a firm voice.

"bro calm down we came to get food. over protective is not a good look on you." i say and sienna starts laughing.

"you cant even see me dumby" he says and i laugh.

"ok bye.ill be back soon." i quickly hung up.




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im writing this on a plane...lolz ok theirs a lot of turbulence so ima read wattpad and not write bc im stressing myself out. i land in like an hour so ill probably write when i get bored of reading <33

hahaha i didn't write anymore after this 

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