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im fucking nervous.

we are currently seated at our table waiting for my dad to announce me as the don and shit. 

my hands are freaking shaking. sofia notices that and grabs my hand. she smiles softly at me and rubs my thumb with hers.  

(that sounded so wrong when i wrote it <3 )

"its time." my dad says to which i nod. he stands up and walks towards the stage.

"your gonna do amazing leo," sienna smiles.

"ugh i wanna be an assassin."  adriana groans.

"you already are one." marco claps back.

"oh fuck your right." adrianas rubs her forehead.

"If i can have your attention, today i have the honor of passing my mafia down to my oldest son. he has made me proud in his training and helping anywhere he can. if i can have leo come to the stage." dads voice is annocnet loudly through the microphone. when he finishes talking everyone claps and looks at me. 

fucking awkward. 

i peck sofias lips making her smile and whisper a 'good luck'.

i get up and walk toward the stage.

am i walking weird?

i climb the stairs on the left side of the stage and walk up to my father. he shakes my hand and brings me into a quick hug.

"do you leo baltimore promise to lead the italian mafia with all your efforts and to sherish and to hold this mafia until you pass it on to your son." my father says.

am i getting married to the fucking mafia or some shit

"i do." i respond. we are litterally standing in the middle of the stage all awkwardly.

"the leader of the Italian mafia everyone." my dad says and walks off the stage. the people burst into applause. i look around and see a special smiling face with a mini one next to it. i wink at them causing sienna to try and wink back but she just blinked.

i bow one more time for the dramatics, "contine to enjoy your night, please no killing the fucking carpet is white." and with that i get off the stage. i walk towards my family.  

they all congratulate me and shit like that. sienna gives me a big hug which ends up with me tickling her.


weird shit right there

then 'eres mia' by romeo santos started playing, i stood up and held my hand out to sofia. "can i have this dance?" i smirked.

"of course." she smiled and stood up, following me to the dance floor.

when the song was over, i pulled her by the chin and placed a kiss on her lips. i felt her smile into it.

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