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if feels like time freezes, like the air in my lungs disappears, like their thickened.

i was left truly speechless.

why me?

the girl who grew up thinking her meth addict aunt was her mother, who was forced to believe that it was my fought that everyone died, that it was the clothes i was wearing to make that men do what he did, that if i let him do whatever he wants he will finish quicker, that its all my body is good for and worse of all that i believed it.

i was brought out of my thoughts when i felt a hand on my thigh, causing me to look up and see leo staring at me with worry laced through his eyes.

"um are you sure?" i crocked out.

"yes darling. we are sure." mama smiles.

"um" i looked towards my brother for support, he nodded his head, grinning. i look towards leo who was also nodding his head, and rubbing my thigh for comfort. am i about to become a mafia leader...?

i take deep breaths calming my nerves that filled my thoughts, i close my eyes and focus on my breathing. after 30 seconds,i slowly nodded my head. i opened my eyes to see my parents with grins on their faces. they both stand up followed by leo and marco, i stand up and walk around the table with leo and marco right behind me.

my mom brings me into a hug, this felt like hannahs hugs. warm and comforting.

"im happy your back." she whispers in my ear. i softly smile.

"me too." i whisper, softly.

"stop hogging her." papa whines, causing everyone to laugh and mom to let go.

he brings me into another warm and comforting hug, while mom hugs marco and complains on how skinny he is.

"i missed you principessa."he smiles.

"me too papa. me too."

my phone rings causing me to pull away from the hug. i take it out of my pocket and see that adri is calling me. i answer and bring it up to my ear.

"hello?" i say causing everyone to look at me.

"uh sofia?" adri says, breathlessly.

"yeah? is everything okay?" i respond getting worried.

"not really. bella has a fever, alex won't stop crying and sienna is crying for leo." she says. i look at leo when i hear crying in the background. i quickly grab my bag.

"we are about to leave, ill be there in less then 15 minutes. how high is the fever?" i ask, making leo come near the phone so he can hear it aswell.

"102.9" she responds.

"okay. bye adri thank you." i hang up.

" i gotta go, bella has a fever, alex won't stop crying and sienna is crying for leo." i sadly smile.

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