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i woke up with a burning head ache

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i woke up with a burning head ache.what the hell happened. as i tried to open my eyes the bright light. It felt like i partied rly hard and got very drunk last night...then i realized. they drugged me.that was hanging above me and the bright light burned as i tried to open them. wait where's sienna? holy shit where is sienna. i try to feel around without opening my eyes. i tried to open my eyes again and it felt like i was getting stabbed again. #mommyissues.

when my vision had fully cleared up, i tried to stand up but my legs were tied together. i tried to move around but my hands were also tied back.WHERE THE HELL IS SIENNA. i looked around and saw a bed on the floor with a table and 2 chairs, and 2 chains coming from the walls. when i started trying to release myself the door swings open. in comes the man who literally kidnapped me. "where's sienna." i say as tears decided to fill my eyes. they doing me dirty.

"calm down. shes okay. shes eating chicken nuggets upstairs and watching tv with a maid." he says and i do not calm down. "why am i here?" i ask, my tears have gone away and now im just pissed.

"nope that's not how this works. i ask the questions." he says and i roll my eyes.

"what's your name? i asked sienna but she didn't say anything." he says i can tell he's getting mad, oo i like pissing people off.

"its sofia. whats yours?" i say softly. im trying not to give him the satisfaction of thinking im scared oh him.

"marco.last name?" he replied and my heart stopped. i just stared at my feet.

"uh malossini.why?" he gasped and i looked up at him.

"oh my god. what were you doing in an alley at night, principessa." right when he said that i recognized him. tears fell down my eyes and i hugged him.

"marco. is it really you?" i said in-between hiccups from crying so much.

"yes principessa. im sorry i left you."

"where did you go?" i ask as we both pull away from the hug.

"ill tell you later lets get out of this cell. sienna has been calling for you." i smile and follow him.

"ok." i say and smile. 

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i have a really bad headache so like idk if ima write more tonight! we are back on the road btw and im using my phones personal hotspot and like rip

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