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after we all talked for a little bit marco asked if he can talk to me

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after we all talked for a little bit marco asked if he can talk to me. " hey, i know this is really confusing, and i have never told you i have a sister. but can they stay with us obviously if sofia agrees. she was going to go to devins house." the devin part made me blood boil. "yeah sure but we have to go back to italy tomorrow." he nods and walks back toward the couch.

when we come back we see sofia on the phone. "yeah.. yup we miss you too. okay bye devin.." sofia says and then sienna screams "bye devin." and she hangs up. i sit down and look at marco. he takes a deep breath in and sits down. " hi zio! hi leo!" sienna says with a smile on her face. "hi sienna!" marco responds and i wave. " sofia. we are all going to italy tomorrow." marco says and sofia looks up at him.

"what do you mean?" sofia asks and sienna has a smile on her face.

"WE ARE GOING TO ITALY!?" she says happily and marco nods.

"what the hell do you mean we are going to italy?!" she says and even though im next to run the italian mafia i am scared.

"im not losing you again. and plus we need to go back home. leo is also getting induced into the mafia next month. your 18, you are barely a fucking adult so you are going with us." he says in a loud voice and sienna has her mouth open.

 jeez ok marco calm down. im a tad bit uncomfortable with the energy we have created..

"you just said a bad word and don't scream at my mommy MARCO." sienna says but screams the word marco. im biting my lip trying not to burst out laughing and i look over at derek and he's doing the same.

"ok sienna calm down baby, how about you go to the kitchen and get snack. i heard theirs some strawberries!" sofia says. sienna gasped and runs into the kitchen with the maid. shits about to go down.

"who the hell do you think you are to speak to me like that. yeah im 18 but i don't want my fucking child involved with the mafia.i missed you like crazy but i need to put her first." sofia says to marco.

"she doesn't have to be involved in the mafia, neither do you. we can have you two hidden from the public and the rest of the mafias.but your going to go to italy, im sorry principessa." marco says and sofia signs.

"fine. but i swear to god if you leave me one more time i will kill you." she says, me and marcos eyes widen and we look at each other.

"ok jeez." marco says and puts his hands up to surrender. "wait you've killed someone before?" he asks and everyone goes silent.

"next question." she says and i laugh. she looks at me and smiles. she stood up and walks away.

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hii!! short chapter :(

im getitng in the pool but i alr started writing this so i tried to make it short. im going to spend time with my family so byyee!

update i feel like crap and im spending time w my family so im sorry for not posting

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