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*i am sorry for this chapter pls dont hate me

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*i am sorry for this chapter pls dont hate me.

dont be a silent reader!! i wanna know what yall think*

recap:"boss, the spanish mafia has requested a meeting with you. they say its urgent." one of leos workers say and runs out of the room.


the spanish mafia is a very powerful mafia but no one knows who leads it. they always wear masks and have never shown their real identity. we have an alliance with them. they give us drugs we give them guns.

"the spanish mafia?" dad asked. "what do you think they want?"

"i dont know. ill schedule a meeting for tomorrow." i respond and continue eating my dinner.

"have they ever revealed their identity?" mom asks. she is barely involved with the mafia for her safety.

"nope." marco responds poping the p.

"mommy, i want ice cream." sienna whines.

"oh my god me too." sofia whines aswell. they both look towards me with smiles on their faces. i already know what they want.

"fineeee." i groan and walk towards the kitchen, getting them each some vanilla ice cream and and some sponge cake inside.

i know its weird like cake in ice cream but trust me its good.


i walk back towards the dining room to see marco and adriana staring at me with smiles on their faces.

"what." i sit down and hand sofia and sienna their ice cream bowls. they both thank me and dig into their ice cream.

"you didnt bring us ice cream." my very annoying sister whines.

"okay?" i shrug.

"we wanted ice cream too." marco huffs and crosses his arms over his chest.

before i can respond the lights of the mansion start flickering. we hear the door getting busted down and loud ass foot steps coming inside.

(im so sorry.)

"hannah, get sienna and the twins and go to the safe room. you too adriana" sofia states.

"what about you?" mom says.

"i love you bub okay?" sofia says kissing siennas forehead.

"i love you too mommy."

"i love you ena." i kiss her forehead.

"i love you too dada." she says while rushing out of the dinning room with adriana and

we all take out our guns and prepare to get fucking ambushed.

5 soilders burst into the dinning room. i take down 2 and sofia takes down 3.

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