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"as i should

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"as i should." sienna mumbled and i turned my head to her. she is like a carbon copy of me.

"uh where did you learn that from, sienna?" marco asked her.

"mommy." she said with a serious look on her face.

"well your mommy is a very loca lady." marco said looking at sienna.


 "ouch." was all i said.

"shes not crazy, shes a cattiva cagna." sienna said, i gasped and leo and marco laughed.

(bad bitch)

"sienna. that is a bad word. remember what i said about bad words?" i said sternly. i will never hit her, that is one of the worst forms of discipline. its just showing your kids that its okay to hit other people.

"we don't say them." she said with an innocent smile on her face.

"now where did you learn those 2 words from sienna?" leo asked as he looked at us from the rear-view mirror.

"crazy lady. she was talking on the phone and said mommys name and i thought that was a good word." sienna said innocently.

"what else did she say малыш?" i asked her as she started playing with the ends of my hair.

(baby )

"i only remember a little. she said something about getting revenge for what your mommy and daddy did to her." sienna shrugged.

"well this turned dark." marco mumbled. leo grabbed his phone and called someone.

 leo grabbed his phone and called someone

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"i need a background check.." i said to marcus on the phone. hes my best hacker.

"on it boss. result will be ready when you get home." marcus replied and i hung up the phone.

"did she say anything else enna?"(e-na) i say using a nickname that i made up on the spot.

"she was always on the phone.she would talk italian a lot.she would say 'lui pagherà' a lot." sienna said, i just realized she has a little bit of an italian accent.

(he will pay)

"okay no more talking about this around her." sofia said with a very serious face on. she is low-key scary. 

"did you hear her accent?" marco loudly whispered to me.

"yes idiot. sofia has one too." i said looking at them through the rear-view mirror.

"bruh marco we are all literally italian." sofia says. i already know shes rolling her eyes.

"how far are we leo?" sienna asks me and yawns.

"we are 5 minutes away, enna" i say and she smiles at the nickname.

"mommy. when we get their can you make me some mac and cheese?"sienna asks sofia.

"of course bub." sofia says looking at sienna and moving hair away from her face. bro shes so good with kids.

"wait i want mac and cheese too." marco the literal child said.

"me three." i added.

"alright then everyone can get mac and cheese." sofia said with a smile.

"can you make me a vanilla milkshake too." sienna asked her. i looked in the mirror and i saw her doing the puppy eyes.

"YES PLEASE! I WANT. PLEASE SOFIA PLEASE." marco yelled and begged like a baby.

"okay jeez calm down ill make it. do you want some too leo?" she asked me.

"ITS SO GOOD." sienna added.

"yeah sure." i aint gonna miss out on vanilla milkshakes.





word count- 659

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