The Beautiful Stranger

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'I have to go too, its unfortunate but umm..'

Kathy felt a slight awkwardness between them and before the stranger could finish she interrupted

'Well.. Ill see you around stranger' turned around and waved she walked about a few steps away from the stranger but he was yelling out to her

'aye aye you!!' he shouted he chased her she turn towards to him and he kissed her on the cheeks . Kathy closed his eyes and she felt the stranger move away from and said

'Sorry .... '

Kathy didn't moved.. she panicked a little someone just kissed her. Harry leaves her a couple of hours and a stranger from LA kissed her on the cheeks.. But she thought it was rather friendly.

'What was that for?' she hissed

' Free kiss' and winked at her while he placed his business card into her pocket without her realizing.

As she walks on the street of LA, she slapped her cheeks telling her to get over the stranger she just met and move on. Her phone buzz and it was Harry, she felt a slight guilt again. She would never do anything to hurt him she kept repeating it in her mind.

'Love, are you okay? Are you lost? Do you want me to find you?' She called him instead of replying through text.

'I think I'm outside the studio.. Stripes Records right?'

'Yes come up to level 12, we are all here' he said

'Even Louis?' she said sarcastlically

'No' he hissed

She stepped outside the lift and there all the boys were waiting for her. It's been quite some time she seen them. She loved the studio, all painted in white but there is one wall that she could see with black and white stripes painted on it. She admired the painting of the artist and it was hung on the wall.

'oh my gosh..look at you guys, all so perf rock star looking pref' she told each of them gave them a hug

'Harreh was panicking, he thought you got kidnapped or something' Zayn teased

Niall and Aidan laughed behind him.

'Hey, shut up' Harry said

The boys were showing her around in the studio, they were discussing on how Liam and Louis will introduce them to the public. Kathy wasn't going to lie she want to see this Louis.

'Where's Liam and Louis?' she asked

'In a meeting' Niall replied

'Have you met them?' Zayn asked

'Only Liam but I am dying to meet Louis though' looking straight to Harry

Harry wasn't impressed, they haven't even sorted their argument earlier

'He's a bit of a dickhead, Kathy.. like a massive one,.. but he can be nice' Zayn explained

'Maybe hes bipolar' Aidan added

All laughed except for Harry, she tried to change the subject and she could see Harry's a bit annoyed at her.


'How was she?' Louis asked

'Who?' Liam replied

'Harry's girlfriend.. .' he whispered

'You'll meet her, I think she's in the studio right now. She's so sweet and gosh when I met her yesterday she sort of reminded me of you but in a sweet and cuter version' Liam laughed Louis was annoyed, the fact he'll see Harry's girlfriend will be around him.

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