Momenta - The Flash

Momenta - The Flash

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Danielle Allen By kitkatkozy Completed

I didn't ask for this power. 
I still don't know the extent of what I can do. 
All I know is that I have been given a gift. 
A gift to do good.
For the people of this city --
Central City. 

This is the story of Kate Daniel. With her best friend Amanda King by her side, she will find out what it truly means to be a hero. 
All of the events and characters from the television series The Flash belong to DC Comics and The CW. The characters Kate Daniel and Amanda King and their events are all my own. If it sounds like it comes from the TV show, it probably does and full credit to DC for creating an amazing story!

It's not rated mature but there are some lines of strong language, so read at your own caution!   

This is my first story and I am hesitant to write it, but I thought, why not?
And yes, my last name is legitimately Allen. 


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DarkTheConsumerofAll DarkTheConsumerofAll Sep 24, 2017
There should be parenthesis around (photography just doesn't pay the bills).
Tamer_of_Arion Tamer_of_Arion May 03, 2017
my god i love your cover, especially because its Wanda Maximoff.  Shes my favorite Avenger with Black Widow.
DarkTheConsumerofAll DarkTheConsumerofAll Sep 24, 2017
There should be a comma between innocent and it.
                              Harms should have an apostrophe.
kitkatkozy kitkatkozy Aug 30, 2016
Seems as though my first chapter is gone. I'm a little pissed --
                              I'll try to rewrite it sometime this week, but it doesn't affect the rest of the story! Sorry about the inconvenience!