In A Blink ➳ Barry Allen/The Flash

In A Blink ➳ Barry Allen/The Flash

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| book one |

Natalie Reed has just moved to Central City, at first, oblivious to the unnatural events in her new home. She truly feels welcomed in Central City and grows closer to her cousin Caitlin Snow, makes close friends, and eventually falls in love with Barry Allen. When she discovers that things are not..normal, will she try to discover what is really going on? Will she risk losing happiness and being in the dark in exchange for a dangerous, secretive, and threatening lifestyle? She discovers two sides to life. One of safety and one of adventure, but once she makes a choice, the other will be gone in a blink.

// The Flash - Season One //

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the DC Comics characters, any of the CW's The Flash, Arrow, or Legends of Tomorrow characters, storylines, and dialogue. I only own Natalie Reed, my other characters and their storylines. Also, I do not own any of the gifs.

started: 17 May, 2015
ended: 30 August, 2015


cover by LillianCarrol

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hsdeanallen hsdeanallen Sep 18
yall i be shook if the streak becomes the flash then the flash becoms the blink
Eventually falls in love with Barry Allen.
                              Don't we all 💔
This doesn't have anything to do with Criminal Minds does it??
I used to love this song. I used to annoy my friend so much because I would play it over and over again