DIVINE: The Last Reincarnation

DIVINE: The Last Reincarnation

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Spark Blaze is the young she-wolf who follows what she think is right. As everything goes complicated she wants everything to be done her way. She mated the guy she swore never to have, her own mate who her sister is madly in love with. She run away and when she thought she would live alone, she was wrong, someone found her, a guy who is also not an ordinary wolf like her.

But who would she choose at the end? Her mate who is looking for her and is willing to have her back in any ways or the guy who helped her and became her friend when she needed one? What will happen if darkness attempts to take her by using someone she love? Would she kill for her life?

What will she bargain to stop what's coming? Who really is her enemy? What future does she have when fate dictates time to kill her? 

Will life prevail over death and will love overcome her fears?

A not so ordinary werewolf story with a touch of a little love and romance. 
~Enjoy Reading!

simplywhimsey simplywhimsey Jun 13, 2013
@EnnoXentGal : thanks and I'll try my very best to write another good chapters.. :D
EnnoXentGal EnnoXentGal Jun 13, 2013
It's good so far hope it gets better with another chapter :)