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loving Family  by Diya5love
loving Family by Diya5love
This is the story of Adhvay who had everything success, fame loving wife and daughter and son But what the fate plays with him and his happy family. Will he win or...
ANIDITA - Just Them.  by ksaurav15
ANIDITA - Just Them. by A.Saurav
OS AND TS series.... My writing will make u cry, laugh, emotional etc.. #1 Anirudh... 18/08/22 #8 bondita.... 9/08/22 #2 ts... 15/1/23 #5 aurrabhatnagarbadoni... 13/10...
Unluckiest Girl(Is She?)✔✔ by bvrmadhu
Unluckiest Girl(Is She?)✔✔by bvr madhu
They say, "Blood is thicker than water" In her case Blood means her family sells her off to the richest man in India for money. Water means her in-laws purchas...
Nothing More Than A Dog by FallenRayz
Nothing More Than A Dogby FallenRayz
Mia is a werewolf, though she is more dog than she is wolf. She is always doing as she's told, following commands and never breaking the rules. Forced to always be in he...
White Olive Tree by Ramisa2
White Olive Treeby Ramisa2
'White Olive Tree' novel by Jiu Yue Xi English translation "Ah Zan, I am Ruan Ruan." No one is an island other than you. That fateful day, he looked out of th...
The Missing Princess by Clifoconda_HemHem
The Missing Princessby AURORA🙄
Isabella Ekaterina is the only daughter of the two most powerful mafia families in the world: the Di Luca Italian mafia and the Vasiliev Russian mafia. She was their lit...
[BL] Divorce Application  by xxahjussixx
[BL] Divorce Application by Cj
English translation of manhua "Continued Love." Original Author - 云间 [Yun Jian] Novel Status - Completed (104 Chapters + 17 Extras) Raws : https://www.haitangk...
The Hate Game by olaw12341234
The Hate Gameby ola1234
Two broken souls and closed-off hearts. When they meet, will they heal each other or destroy what was left inside them? Eda is a young university student who just transf...
Nightmare Hero, Terror (BNHA x OC) by GreedRyuga
Nightmare Hero, Terror (BNHA x OC)by GreedRyuga
Warning : Gore, tortures, inhumane actions and mental disorders. Read at your own risk. Quirks, the powers which lived inside the body of human and grant the super power...
Emphatic by EraSelene
Emphaticby Era
Alone... No one is by my side anymore... It hurts... Everything hurts... [The Trash of the Count's Family AU] All of the characters are not mine, the novel is from Yoo R...
Undead Cuddle 🔞 (Completed)  by hua_hua_98
Undead Cuddle 🔞 (Completed) by 𝙃𝙪𝙖 ✿
(ZhanYi) 🔞⚠️ තියන් හිටපු පිස්තෝලේ ගැස්සුනා නම් මීට වඩා හොඳයි.. ඒත්.. "ඔයාට මේ ණය ක්‍රම දෙකකට ගෙවන්න පුලුවන්.. එක දැන්ම සල්ලි වලින් ගෙවනවා නැත්තන් ඒ ගාන ඇඟෙන් ගෙවල...
Heartless by olaw12341234
Heartlessby ola1234
What if love is not enough? If your soulmate betrays your trust If your soulmate abandons you Will you be able to forgive and forget? She was in love but destroyed his l...
Never Ending Y Dolor Del Pasado by ArkeinRose
Never Ending Y Dolor Del Pasadoby Ms. Tulips
Will you trust, forgive and move on together again. Or this will totally leave you all broken shattered into pieces, Longing one day you will be back into your so called...
The pervert evil spirit kookv by Hannita97
The pervert evil spirit kookvby I_💜_MyBesties
struggling in a young age to provide his younger sister needs, taehyung has to find the cheapest house for rent, fortunately he find the perfect house only to discover l...
Togetherness? - Little Nightmares - Mono x Six by Deadmandrifting935
Togetherness? - Little AL
Trapped in a vicious cycle, time and time again Mono has only known failure. Bound by an incomprehensible force and queer visions of deja vu, all of this has happened be...
UNEXPECTEDLY YOURS (Asymptotes Series #1) by LordOfTragedy
Asymptotes series #1 A story of a two souls longing for each other, two souls that is ready to do everything just to find each other but the fate will make it hard for t...
Trafalgar law x OC by Maxiepoooooooo
Trafalgar law x OCby Maxiepoooooooo
Abandoned at the age of 5, you had to fight to live. You were chased by the government but they only knew you by a nickname, the ghost. You grew up in and around hatred...
WE STAND TOGETHER by BethanyMichelle4
Two year old Taylor has suffered all his life.From asthma to facing abuse and beatings from his mom and step dad to living on the street, his twin sister died in a car c...
The Sweet Side of The Bad Boy. by awkwardlyrare
The Sweet Side of The Bad Destiny Asia Dorsette.
Selena didn't know love, she knew nothing of it. She was almost like a balloon being held against a very sharp, dangerous object. You can see where she's caving in, yet...