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WOLFVILLE by MadisonTrupp
WOLFVILLEby Madison Trupp
Timmory Cross, a restless university student and newly-turned werewolf, must navigate her complicated double life while hunting the beast that turned her. ...
Heart of a Hero: Somehow I've become the Vampire Queen?! by FiammaCami
Heart of a Hero: Somehow I've Fia
Using her last breath, Ambra, the Hero tasked to save humanity, had finally achieved her objective. To vanquish the Vampire Queen. However, her mortal enemy had one fina...
Promised Land by DankAssPenguin
Promised Landby DankAssPenguin
A story of milk and honey... And strange changes for two women.
Omnicategory: Ben 10 by EvilEyedWriter
Omnicategory: Ben 10by Katagiri
He died saving someone from dying, Ben 10 reboot had just come out and it disgusted him. Of course, his existence was ended by a truck: Mark was a big fan of animes but...
A Blizzard With Scales by GorgingGeorge
A Blizzard With Scalesby Bloatles
A little Season 11 AU right here. Rather than being the ice emperor, an accident with the scroll caused Zane to transform into a fearsome ice dragon! How will he change...
A pain that's worth it  by DE4TH_K177Y
A pain that's worth it by D1O
warning!! Detailed gore, hard smut, and emetophobia warning. He had no idea he was fucking a succubus when he did it. He truly thought it was just... a really odd colore...
Human to baby pokemon.✅ by The_Star_Rie
Human to baby pokemon.✅by Little Rie
The world has gone crazy, pokemon had it with trainers catching them and using them for sex or pets or for fighing there fights. They were done all the pokemon revolted...
Hotel "FairyTale" by ArtDali
Hotel "FairyTale"by ArtDali
This is a story about Alex, a man in the prime of his life, who has grown tired of his dull and monotonous existence. In search of himself and ways to change his situati...
Dog Boy by RockyTheDogBoy
Dog Boyby RockyTheDogBoy
Bizzare changes, covert secrets, and lurking mysteries from the past overwhelm Matt Hewitt as he endures shifts in the state of the world, and shifting in his own life...
Puppy Napped by Hud2hud52
Puppy Nappedby Hud2hud52
What happens when a 16 year old boy gets kid napped by a few men that know about magic? This is a man to dog transformation story.
Wolf Deku (DISCONTINUED) by Excalumbra
Wolf Deku (DISCONTINUED)by 😎
Shortly after being told by All Might that he cannot be a hero, Izuku Midoriya is transformed into a Werewolf. Armed with abilities, that are unknown to the rest of the...
Into the world of Medicine 1 by GraysheildF
Into the world of Medicine 1by Graysheil dela Fuente
This is one of my favorite novel. Read this for at least more than 5 times. 🖤 Credits to the original owner. ⚠️⚠️⚠️This story is just for my keeps and I corrected some...
The Alpha's Rejected Mate by desiadri
The Alpha's Rejected Mateby Adriana
"Oh fuck no, this can't happen, why me?" he says with a mixture of anger and frustration in his face. "What's your full name?" he asks me while looki...
The Disabled Tyrant's Pet Palm Fish [Transmigration] (BL) [Completed] by Kingshi2
The Disabled Tyrant's Pet Palm Pienpen
One day, Li Yu transmigrated into a fish. Furthermore, this fish even had a master. This master was the sinister and terrifying, mute tyrant from a novel. The system gav...
By The Light Of The Moon by CrystalScherer
By The Light Of The Moonby Crystal Scherer
What do you get when you mix a trader woman, a cursed werewolf, a dangerous forest, and a sadistic warlord? Nothing good. On her way home from a summer of trading, Olivi...
Into the World of Medicine 2 by GraysheildF
Into the World of Medicine 2by Graysheil dela Fuente
This is the continuation of the first part, the first part of the story had reached parts climax? Been so busy recently on work and have no time for fast update and read...
Transformers One-Shots (COMPLETED!) by shadowisprimewolf
Transformers One-Shots (COMPLETED!)by shadowisprimewolf
Hey everyone this is my first book so go easy with me and this is for all the transformers you request I'll try to write.
Til the end-Jaden Walton by mostdelusionalwriter
Til the end-Jaden Waltonby mostdelusionalwriter
Two different type people fell inlove but they know they aren't meant to be, or they think?
Chaos' Dragon of the Hunt by buddy227
Chaos' Dragon of the Huntby RougeAlphaWerewolf
Percy Jackson was tired of getting pushed around, beaten, made fun of, and hurt at camp, first it was his brother taking away his fame, his father disowned him, and he l...
Kokujin no Tenkousei revenge ver. by KrashewNut
Kokujin no Tenkousei revenge KrashewNut
#396169 [Terasu MC] Kokujin no Tenkousei NTR ru Chapters 1-6 part 1 [English] テラスMC] 黒人の転校生に幼馴染をNTRる [English]