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naughty [p.j.m.] by chokokpop
naughty [p.j.m.]by Dad
"Well, well, darling, you've been quite naughty, haven't you?" He wrenches my arm behind my back further, I feel every fibre of pain every tear that drips d...
Catch Me by sweetdreamer33
Catch Meby Neilani Alejandrino
After overcoming a traumatic heartbreak as a teenager, Chloe struggled to grow up and establish her career, but after years of work, her life finally feels like it's bac...
Falling for my Sensei •• Kakashi Hatake x OC by M_likes2write
Falling for my Sensei •• Kakashi M_Likes2Write
MINORS DNI *Do not comment your age if you are under 17* Contains mature content, 17+ readers! If you like please vote so I know I should continue 🥺💖 Kakashi x OC Wi...
Luna versus Alpha by ImmaNarwhal_nbd
Luna versus Alphaby B
"You can't win this game, Carter Blake," He whispers against my cheek. Shivers run up and down my spine. "Watch me." ~~~~ Meet Carter Blake. Age 19...
Rock Me(dirty harry styles fanfic) by glitters_magic13
Rock Me(dirty harry styles fanfic)by Gemma
*MAJOR EDITING* *WARNING THERE WOULD BE LOTS OF SEXUAL CONTENT AND CHEESY, MUSHY, & CLICHÈ MOMENTS* but if you like some of them just be free to read this and enjoy my...
Alexander Price Ch.13 by TheDevilsMistress666
Alexander Price Ch.13by The Devils Mistress
This is chapter 13 for Alexander Price
👑Mr Pilot vs Miss Diva💋[SU] by Christinelcr01
👑Mr Pilot vs Miss Diva💋[SU]by Miss Ice Bear
Seorang digilai ramai, Seorang lagi jual mahal Seorang di Utara, seorang di Selatan Segalanya bermula apabila si Miss Diva pulang ke negeri kelahirannya setelah menamat...
My Naughty Babysitter  by TheDevilsMistress666
My Naughty Babysitter by The Devils Mistress
A story by Naughty-Spice • Remade. • Republished. • Completed. 💋
Whip's Whisper by hismayaa
Whip's Whisperby hismayaa
[BDSM] [MATURE] The new teacher was hot like really hot. Her name was Jennifer Hills and unlike any other teacher, she had a secret sexy double life as a Dominant Mis...
Not so innocent (18+) ||Tom Riddle by Britt_bm
Not so innocent (18+) ||Tom Riddleby Britt_bm
It is your 6th year of Hogwarts. your a slytherin, but one of the innocent ones. Very kind to everyone, helping people. The perfect innocent girl you would say. But what...
Feelings For Him by CaitlinMoore182
Feelings For Himby Caitlin Moore
After bieng bestfriends since reception you begin to discover your feelings towards your boy bestfriend.
SAVING SANTA  -   ( a christmas original. ) by kyrakovacs
SAVING SANTA - ( a christmas 𝙖𝙘𝙘𝙞𝙤 𝙗𝙪𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙗𝙚𝙚...
SAVING SANTA - ❝magic has always flowed in the soils of our land.❞ at santa clause's icelandic headquarters, arnþrúður glyrandottir - ash, for short - is living her b...
MaNan FS - When Cutie Meets Naughty✅ by PranuKeerthu
MaNan FS - When Cutie Meets Pranu
Hello people... So here's one more short story from my side... And as a request from one of my readers, I present u A CUTE MANIK and A NAUGHTY YET CARING NANDINI at a ti...
Win On Your Naughty Heart ( ជំនះស្នេហ៍លើនារីឆ្នាស់ ) 🔥🥀💜( Completed ✅ ) by PhanouSout
Win On Your Naughty Heart ( ជំនះស្ Lucie Briella
ជារឿងក្នុងស៊េរី ( Healing Love On Old Scars : last season )" ផ្សះស្នេហ៍លើរបួសចាស់" និយាយពីរឿងរ៉ាវស្នេហ៍បែបបំផ្ទុះភ្លើងរបស់នាយកម្លោះរបិុុលប៉ូចនឹងក្រមុំដែលមានចរិ...
Crazy Love by craxy_craxy_craxy
Crazy Loveby 🦋😎🤠
Two inseparable humans, Elijah Marciello and Ellie Mcarthy. Two completely different people of completely different households. They met at a playground on a Sunday even...
The Chase Begins (Now Published so Sample Only) by SandraCorton
The Chase Begins (Now Published Sandra
They met on a vacation in Hawaii. She was there to try and heal her broken heart while he was trying to escape his fame. For four days they played the happy tourist coup...
The Frenchman Chosen Bride✔️(Completed) by henryblaisekylian
The Frenchman Chosen Bride✔️( God's Talent ✨✨✨
He needs an heir -- she's carrying his baby Being swept off her feet by a tall, bronzed Frenchman isn't on Vanessa Bryant's holiday list of things to do. But Rafael Xavi...
DIARY OF A JAIL KID by Josh-Jensen
A boy writes about his arrest and imprisonment in juvenile jail.
Tease (Wangxian) by Miwa2SS
Tease (Wangxian)by Miwa2SS
Hello :3 Just a random short story on Wei Wuxian and Lan Wanji (Untamed) aka YiZhan but in modern AU. I will use the characters's names instead of the actor's to avoid a...
The Wrath of Santa Claus by Greatkidforever
The Wrath of Santa Clausby Jack Flesher
It's a ho ho horrible day at the North Pole, as Santa Claus has decided to perform a different take on Christmas.