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Daddy's Best Friend (Trixie Book 1) by Dinkyballs
Daddy's Best Friend (Trixie Book 1)by Dinkyballs
A country girl's world is turned upside down when a beastly big city man blows into town.
  • romance
  • submissive
  • dominant
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My Daughters Boyfriend  by naughtybats
My Daughters Boyfriend by naughtybats
Lana, a loving mother and housewife has finally found the perfect boy toy. Ash, the young man who just so happens to be packing a monster in his pants. Too bad he also h...
  • monstercock
  • olderwoman
  • harem
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Keeping Skylar by NaughtyBlonde
Keeping Skylarby sexymama abby
Cody is rather possessive over Skylar which drives her crazy. Unfortunately for her, his possessive nature knows no boundaries and he won't stop until she is bound to hi...
  • drama
  • lovetriangle
  • boyfriend
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Sexy Stories by pillowhumpinggggg
Sexy Storiesby AK
  • naughty
  • sexy
  • dirty
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A Love Like Ours (teacher-student) by insertcwlnamehere
A Love Like Ours (teacher-student)by Chloe
Mr Smith is the new, young, gorgeous Maths student teacher and Sarah has a major crush! What happens is a very nice surprise.... *Very graphic scenes*
  • teacherstudent
  • teacher
  • hot
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My Naughty Babysitter  by TheDevilsMistress666
My Naughty Babysitter by The Devils Mistress
A story by Naughty-Spice • Remade. • Republished. • Completed. 💋
  • babysitter
  • naughty-spice
  • naughty
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Her Bully (Bully #1) by 2ChangeElisa
Her Bully (Bully #1)by Elisabeth Marks
Whoever said that high school was going to be the best four years of your life was dead wrong. My high school experience consisted of acne, baby weight, ill-fitting clot...
  • secondchance
  • eroticromance
  • wattpride
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Sex academy  by peraltiagodaddy
Sex academy by shrekushi
Tana is going to a new academy, a sex academy. work in progress, i'll try to update casually. tysm for 5k reads 🗿 y'all we hit 6k ilysm 🌚 7k ahhhhh tysm 🐓 8k, woah y...
  • school
  • daddydom
  • ethandolan
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Best Friend's Daddy (Trixie Book 2) by Dinkyballs
Best Friend's Daddy (Trixie Book 2)by Dinkyballs
Trixie seeks comfort in her best friend's Daddy, but best friend wants Daddy all to herself
  • older
  • romance
  • youngadult
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Fifty Shades of Trancy by sxdistdaddy
Fifty Shades of Trancyby Alois
WARNING ⚠️ This book contains Adult images. *this book might get flagged or reported and taken down so if it does I won't upload it back up*
  • aloistrancy
  • bdsm
  • aesthetic
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Ruin Me ✔《COMPLETED》 by Day_dreamer555
Ruin Me ✔《COMPLETED》by Day_dreamer555
I hate it when the women are weak in the stories so I made my main character a hot head and I gave her that name in the story because it means: 'Free woman'...she doesn'...
  • possessive
  • fiesty
  • undiscoveredwriters
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the supermarket  by DwightMiller33
the supermarket by DwightMiller33
  • hot
  • body
  • sexy
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R Rated One Shots by NightCourt203
R Rated One Shotsby NightCourt203
A collection of R rated one shots. Including things like girl x girl, boy x girl, and boy x boy. Most chapters will be based on sexual fantasies, but there will be fanta...
  • sexual-content
  • sexiness
  • eroticastories
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MaNan FF- FOREVER MINE✔by •An Introvert•
**Highly Childish** An arrogant businessman falls for a cute innocent girl.. What happens next???? Forever moments are beautiful, rare and genuine Join us in this cute...
  • fab5
  • ruthless
  • manikmalhotra
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A Beautiful Feeling by jangma
A Beautiful Feelingby jangma
1 in fan-fiction on 13-01-2017 2 in fan-fiction on 12-01-2017 Sanyukta is a sweet girl who eventually falls for Randhir who behaves as a tough guy all the time. Randhir...
  • naughty
  • sweet
  • fanfiction
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daddy issues |H.S| by sociopathsyndrome
daddy issues |H.S|by syndrome
"ჩემი ცხოვრება ყოველთვის ასეთი ერთფეროვანი იყო. მასშიც გამოათანებდა ხოლმე პატარ-პატარა მრავალფეროვნების ნაწილაკები, რომლებიც დიდხანს არ გრძელდებოდა. ერთ-ერთი კი, ჰა...
  • ქართული
  • babygirl
  • ჰარისტაილსი
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Swasan and Raglak ff 💕 💕 just peep in😝😜.....
  • lakshya
  • laksh
  • ragini
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GREMMA Series [18 +]: Emma spends the night   by anon_reads55
GREMMA Series [18 +]: Emma anon_reads55
A GREMMA 18+ SHORT STORY This book is a series here is part 1! Part 2 is currently being made. -&- Emma and Grayson have been busy with the crazy, youtube lives. One n...
  • funny
  • youtubers
  • naughtyfanfiction
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Falling For Him ✅| #Wattys2018 by AnkSun344
Falling For Him ✅| #Wattys2018by Ankita
The story is of two individuals Siddharth Khanna and Anusha Singh. Both were gems to their parents, both spoiled, both stubborn, friends adored them and siblings love t...
  • birthday
  • naughty
  • love
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The Alphas Naughty Mate by Akala_Irving
The Alphas Naughty Mateby Akala_Irving
Sneaky, Naughty and Sexy, Katey. The one and only popular party girl, who does the most craziest of things. She's a good looker and boys fall to her feet begging for sex...
  • love
  • party
  • supernatural
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