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Jamais Vu by Blondeanddangerous
Jamais Vuby Kate J. Squires
What if you met the man of your dreams but he was already married... to you? Jamais Vu is a time-traveling romance wrapped in a deadly mystery. Nessa is in the last yea...
  • time-travel
  • friends
  • suspense
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Alpha's Awaited Mate by Hollow_Mist
Alpha's Awaited Mateby Hollow Mist
(The title and blurb might sound cliché, but the story is anything but cliché. I promise.) After searching far and wide for ten years, Leon Wolf, the Alpha of the Imperi...
  • featured
  • protective
  • mystery
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Tempest Of Passion by SamuelStormbringer
Tempest Of Passionby The Filipino Guy
#2 of the "Wavering Storms Series". (But you can skip the first book. This is a stand alone book.) (Highest Rank Achieved #22 in Werewolf.) ~~~ The words of an...
  • pack
  • jealousy
  • love
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Let Go     A lizkook fan fic by seoulsam
Let Go A lizkook fan ficby seoulsam
Two broken hearts trying to let go. Let go of the pain. "I hate you...."
  • ohsehun
  • wattpad
  • lisa
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One Lucky Night by LovelySeptember
One Lucky Nightby LovelySeptember
***Highest Rank: #3 ~03.19.19 #wattysph*** She was staring to a beautiful creature - a man she missed for a long time. She left him without goodbye. Five years rolled a...
  • angry
  • forgiveness
  • wattysph
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I Wish You Were Here by Dpalakjain
I Wish You Were Hereby Dpalak
Neil- a smart , loving and dashing police officer.. Avni- a beautiful and smart girl.. one day .. something happens which changed their lives.. Peep in to know... Not...
  • police
  • general
  • neil
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To him, the waves (Poetry and Prose) by licornesses
To him, the waves (Poetry and Pros...by augustine
May the sea bring us back.
  • mistakes
  • water
  • gray
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The Boy with the Whiplash Tattoo by WingsFallenStar
The Boy with the Whiplash Tattooby Nabila Neale
"I know you hate me but can't we at least pretend to be in love?!" Aaron is a strong silent boy who cries in his nightmares and struggles to trust and love. C...
  • fear
  • hatred
  • survivor
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Where My Heart Belongs by halasaad1991
Where My Heart Belongsby Hala Saad
Shivaay lost his childhood love when he was just of 9 yrs old and for 13 years , he is punishing life that took from him his 5 year old best friend (Surbhi) the oberoi...
  • orphan
  • tears
  • shivaay
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Meaning of life (YoungKakashi x Reader) by KasuoMikori
Meaning of life (YoungKakashi x Re...by K.M Emma
Your life is living HELL but you always have smile on your face.. NO MATTER WHAT! ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ (Y/N)=Your name (Y/L)= Your lastname (Y/H)= Your homeland...
  • kakashixreader
  • kakashihatake
  • reader
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She Lays Down [h.s.] by StylisticMoods
She Lays Down [h.s.]by Flora
"She lays down on the bedroom floor The chemicals that make her love don't seem to be working anymore"-The 1975 Her fingers hover over the keypad, desperate to...
  • divorce
  • wattys2017
  • heartbreak
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Surangi, The Child Bride by kahiliginger
Surangi, The Child Brideby kahiliginger
There was confusion in the eyes of the seven year old Surangi as they dipped mango leaves into the sandal-turmeric paste to anoint her. She did not know what marriage me...
  • wattys2018
  • konkan
  • married
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my kyungsoo | chansoo by Princess-KitKat
my kyungsoo | chansooby 『 キャット ∥ kat 』
Chanyeol begins to notice how Kyungsoo has recently begun getting closer to Baekhyun and Jongin and he doesn't like it one bit. ____________________ Story Started - 12/2...
  • romance
  • lgbt
  • parkchanyeol
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Lost Without You (Jemi Fanfiction) by IAmALovatic4Life
Lost Without You (Jemi Fanfiction)by IAmALovatic4Life
It's summer 2017, and Demi Lovato can't help but wonder what life would have been like if she was still in contact with Joe Jonas. She wishes that they were still togeth...
  • demetriadevonnelovato
  • life
  • pregnant
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Left Right Left : A different view . by ZindagiKeRang
Left Right Left : A different view...by Afaf Siddiqui
A story that was left incomplete. A story of friendship, longing, love, and family. A story filled with the strongest and purest emotions. The story basically takes pla...
  • lrl
  • army
  • love
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Manan SS An affair with my wife [completed] by Andal100
Manan SS An affair with my wife [c...by Andal100
Check this short story on Manan who will be having an affair inspite of getting married! This book will be private after chapter 2, so make sure you follow me. Highest r...
  • longing
  • affair
  • pain
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Aboli by kahiliginger
Aboliby kahiliginger
Randhir was startled by the presence of the teenage Sanyukta desperately hanging off the mango tree just outside his bedroom balcony. "Who is it, son? It must be th...
  • sanyukta
  • randhir
  • longing
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One Shots - Reylo NSFW by Princess_Vegeta_
One Shots - Reylo NSFWby Not Your
Short and Simple Warning: Very NSFW Sex Scene Ahead; be prepared.
  • lust
  • hot
  • sexy
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Whispers of Hope- Book # 3 (Mated Hearts Series) Complete by MercyRose
Whispers of Hope- Book # 3 (Mated...by Tara
My breath came in short pants and my heart took off at a staccato pace. I felt my skin warm and my blood tingle and this was all just from seeing him again. At first...
  • macto
  • human
  • babe
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💔💔WOH MERA DIL THAA💔💔💘 by Noor-Ainny
💔💔WOH MERA DIL THAA💔💔💘by Muhammad Murtajiz-Ainny
they are married. their marriage is arranged. she love him immensely. but he only likes her as a friend .many times she said that she love him but he only smiled at her...
  • kunj
  • twinkle
  • longing
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