When I Look At You  (Book 2- Mated Hearts Series) Complete

When I Look At You (Book 2- Mated Hearts Series) Complete

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Tara By MercyRose Completed

Amy is a focused student and just wants to enjoy a care free senior year.  Her family is fiercely over protective and she accepted years ago that boys just wasn't worth all the trouble. She would find her mate someday but until then she would just live happily independent.  That is until new student, Steven arrives on the first day of school.  Fireworks immediately sparked between the two, how hard and long will they both fight the burning attraction?

lilian235 lilian235 Aug 22, 2016
I have 3 older brothers (I am the youngest and only female) and I think I'm pretty close to them, some people find it weird but it's always been normal for me
terrifyingsilence terrifyingsilence May 06, 2016
My brother locked me in a dog cage when I was 5. I was in there for a couple of hours.
zcmbie zcmbie Apr 10, 2016
... I have three older brothers and the day I can download food would be the day I kiss either of them on the cheek.
WeAreDumb WeAreDumb Oct 26, 2016
I'd love to have a sibling like Zach. My sisters would scream to high heavens, snatch her food back & throw a shoe at me while telling me to get my own food 😂 #SiblingLove
tomorrowlandrox tomorrowlandrox Apr 21, 2015
isnt channing tatum a bit old...i mean im not complaining or anything...its just he doesnt seen like the high school boy to me
NerdAlert18 NerdAlert18 Mar 19, 2015
wait siblings are suppose  to act like  that *puts down shoe *