Forty-Six: Stalking Boyfriends and Kissing in Alleys †

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"You're dating?! Only now?!" Johanna gushed, her hands in front of her face.

"Yeah, he wanted to wait, remember? Plus, it was the first day of lessons today so the first day of the spring semester and he wanted to wait so..." I trailed off. "I just can't believe what he said after."

"What did he say?" Johanna was wearing an earnest smile, evidently expecting something sweet and heartfelt.

"I had just told him I was never going to call Ruby a bitch again or anything because I just lost my temper and he said it was a shame because picturing my girlfriend all hot and bothered... that's pretty sexy. I choked on the food in my mouth, Johanna." I sat cross-legged on my bed, reaching for my phone that had just vibrated.

"Oh," she said, endeavouring to conceal a snort or something that was begging to be released. In the end, she did just as I was punching in my code to unlock my phone. "That's something." She paused. "Has Jason text you?"

"Yeah." I frowned. "He said he can't call me tonight because he's busy." I glimpsed up at Johanna. "Do you think he could be sneaking out?"

"Definitely," she agreed. "You should follow him and see if anything has changed. It's not too late. You could go now."

I text Jason back to say that it was alright before putting on some warmer clothing that also didn't include my pyjamas. I picked up my phone and key card and began to scram, dashing out of the room and silently making my way downstairs. I sat in the threshold in the food court and just waited and mused.

I had given my homework in for Psychology as well as everyone else – although, one person did have to run back to their room to get the homework and he came back ten minutes later, panting as he drew up his hand and wiped his brow with it. Mr. Gellar frowned but accepted his homework nonetheless. Mr. Gellar said he'd have them marked by our next lesson which would be Thursday.

It also seemed that news had travelled exceptionally fast – even for this college's standard – about the outburst with Ruby. She was doing all she could to avoid me now and especially with Lea. Although I do think she was over-reacting, I'm sure I'd abhor it if I got dumped for another girl. But she'll move on and this will make her stronger.

Sudden rushing steps on the stairs awakened me from my thoughts. I snapped my head up that had recently bowed and stayed immobile and hushed. The steps rushed past me and the person was walking at an alarming pace because they were out the door by the time I had just stood up.

I ended up following with a large distance between us. It was definitely Jason – which, presuming it was anyway, I was right. He was striding widely and his jeans were falling low on his hips, showing the waistband to Calvin Klein boxers. Not the time to start staring inappropriately, my mind said.

Weaving through the alleyways, it seemed to be much quicker today to get there but that was probably just because I was jogging the entire way and by the time Jason was in the warehouse, I was panting, clutching my side because of a stitch and doubling-over. With one hand, I leaned it on the freezing cold brick wall.

Time began to pass slowly so I slide down the wall. I sat on the floor which was somehow even colder than the wall but I was silently thanking that there was no more snow left although, it could easily snow again at some point because it's still utterly freezing here.

I was on my phone, beginning to reply to an email from my parents because they asked how my first day went when someone coughed from beside me. I slowly turned my head and locked my phone, stuffing it in my pocket as if I was never on it.

Standing beside me now as I stood up was the one and only Jason. Of course, it just had to be, didn't it? And he was dressed all in black, his jeans still sagging low to give me a preview of his boxers. I was probably staring for a little too long considering he coughed again to grab my attention.

"Were you following me, Tiegan?" Jason queried, a smirk rising on his lips, causing the right side to be higher than the left. "I've never had someone watching over me. It's kind of naughty, huh?" He winked.

I was gaping at him, completely and utterly speechless. "N – No," I objected. "I – I mean to the following part."

"So was there any reason why you're out in town in an alleyway in the dead of night? Thought girls were scared of things like that," he teased.

"I needed something from town," I fabricated, "I had to come now because otherwise I'd forget tomorrow and I got lost. You know how it is in the dark. So," I began, "why were you down that alleyway?"

Jason's smirk never once trembled. Instead, he leaned down and his lips were on mine. His hands were on my hips, gripping tightly as mine were on his chest, stabilising me until I moved up above his pecs and around his neck.

Tantalisingly, he pushed me back against the wall and my knees buckled slightly. I stayed upright because of Jason's clutch and it never faltered whilst our tongues began to caress one another's. His hands were slowly moving now as the kiss became more heated and rushed, as if we were hungry for one another. His hands slide teasingly downwards until they were resting on my ass. From there, he squeezed tightly and I groaned.

His lips moved away from mine and suddenly they felt unlit and cold without them on. He began kissing my cheek and down to my jaw line and then down my neck until he had one hand back on my hip and pulled at me top and jacket to let my exposed shoulder show. He began kissing there now, leaving his mouth open just a little.

"Jason..." I murmured.

Jason's hands were back on my hips and he pulled me forwards, his lips reattaching to mine. Our hips clashed and with the assistance from his hands, he began to manoeuvre my hips to grind against his. He followed his own movement soon he was moaning whilst we were kissing.

"Is this really the-" I groaned as he added more pressure, "time," I finished.

Jason's halted the grinding and pushed me back against the wall again. He held my hands before lifting them above my head and crossing my wrists so they met. We were kissing again and fiercely so our tongues were gliding against one another's.

He kept one hand on my wrists, securing them in place whilst the other traced down the front of my body starting from my shoulder, down my chest, down my boob and down my stomach and stopping at the waistline of my jeans. Palpably, he was smirking whilst simultaneously kissing me.

"We should get back to college," he said, pulling back but keeping his hand where it was, pushing his fingers into the waistband, lightly brushing against my skin. "It's quite chilly, too and I don't want you freezing if you drive me crazy and I want to take this jacket off."

Still at a loss for words, I nodded and he dropped my hands. We began walking out of the alleyway. I was so shocked that he wasn't even thwarted with me or even vexed. I presumably would be if it was evident that someone was following you.

"Can't say that the next time I get you like that then I won't be gentle," he murmured, kissing my cheek and holding my hand. "Are you afraid to break?"

Turning to his face so his was inches from mine, I muttered, "No."

Author's Note:

I'm just going to apologise again for the filler chapter lol.

Thank you :) x

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