Sixteen: Library Mishap †

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I had my russet bag slung over my right shoulder as I opened the door to the library, before letting a boy sweep past me, the force of his shoulder knocking me into the doorframe to the left.

I winced from the pain of the sticking out pane nearly penetrating my skin.

"Whatever," the boy muttered as he stalked off.

The door closed only centimetres away from my face and I backed away, startled. My boots scuffed the carpet floor before I composed myself. Damn, what is it with most guys in this college. Like on the first day when I was trying to haul my luggage, when the guy just stood there asking me to move. I'm pretty sure the one additional step would not have impaired him in any way shape or form.

Actually opening the door, I stepped inside, and gawked around. There were aisles and aisles of books either sat up straight or laying sketchily on top of random ones when it's even in the wrong letter subdivision of the alphabet. The bookcases were pine wood, a light beech colour and they were at least eight feet tall. The books ranged from crime, to romance, to factual books. There was a counter on the left side of the room where a few random books were piled up which people had brought back. Right in the middle of the room were the tables, separated a little bit, for students who want to revise or work on things. Some were occupied; paper plastering the matching pine wooden bookcases. To the left of me in the bottom corner were the computers which you could liberally use – well, the first ten hours were free but after that, you had to pay. The writing on the desk was too small for me to observe from here. The floor was a muted blue carpet and the walls were laminated wood – in a way, anyway.

The librarian stood behind the counter, looking jaded - whose name was Miss Gillian - had light blonde hair, greying in places with hoary roots and brown eyes. She had dark cherry lip liner on, bordering her pale pink lips and mascara on. She had a beauty spot, blackened calculatedly. She had her hair strung up into a neat bun, only little bits of fluff falling out but they were only mindless strands. She was sporting a navy blue pencil skirt with skin-coloured tights. Her heels barely classed as heels, is what an adolescent would conjecture by seeing the two inch dark blue heels. She wore a white blouse, tucked into the pencil skirt. Thankfully, she wore a white vest top underneath so it wasn't see-through. Many girls would have a field day if it was see-through at her age, they'd declare.

I sauntered up to the desks and sat down on the corner one. Most people were on the other side to me and by sitting here, I really didn't want people to see what I was doing considering it was my psychology assignment. But I'd perhaps need to use the computers at some point to see if I could get any information on Jason but it's too exposed here in the library.

Mercifully, my parents brought me a laptop. It wasn't anything luxurious or high-priced but it was a laptop, nonetheless. As cheap or out-of-date as it was, I wouldn't be using it all the time. I hadn't even used it yet being here and presumably, I'd only need to use it to get some information if what I was doing would be too clandestine to use the computers in the library.

I drew out my flamboyantly colourful folder – which was random patterns - and notepad and put them on my desk, the notepad on my right. I opened up the folder and undid the clasps. I pulled out the tasks sheet, previous to doing up the clasps, closing the folder and rejecting it to the side. I opened up my notepad and began writing on the next clear page. For now, this was just rough writing, not caring about appearance.

1) Facts about your person. Age, name, birthday, status, family, interests etcetera.
- Name: Jason McCann. Age: 18/19. Interests: soccer. Girlfriend: Lea.
2) Why have you chosen this person/group? How do you know them? How they interest you. What sort of personality they possess that drew you to them.
- My friend told me to do this on Jason. He's interesting because he's "got something to hide" and "shifty" so "it's odd". I don't know him very well considering I only met him at the beginning of the year. He's forthcoming and friendly.
3) Do they take drugs or drink excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages to distort parts of their brains? If so, what do they take and how does it affect their brain and how are those parts of the brain changed?
- N/A.
4) How do they act? Interlink the personality into this one, as well. What does their personality/how they act on their personality tell you about them as a person/group?
- Always there for his girlfriend. He calms down easy but he seems to have somewhat of a quick temper. He's easily forgiving and is always willing to talk and listen to sort things out. He's compassionate. He's given other girls massages over the years so maybe that was a famous trick to get them to fall for him. He's a ladies-man and he doesn't even deny it; he knows it. He knows what works on girls and he knows what they like.
5) Do they have any disorders? Personality disorders, eating disorders etcetera.
- N/A.
6) What are their past experiences? Traumatic family deaths, being in care etcetera.
- N/A.
7) Do they have any secrets? Not something to be taken lightly.
- Will soon be revealed.
8) Any quotes by them? What do the quotes say about them and what sort of person they are?
- N/A.
9) What does this person/group aspire to become in the future? Or if they are older, what were they like as an adolescent?
- Presumably a famous soccer player.
10) How do you feel about this person/group?
- He's a friend.

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