Eleven: Modelling Background †

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Thursday in Psychology class, we got extra homework to research more of our project.

By now, nearly everyone had elected what they were going to do their project on and to Mr. Gellar's elation we were able to have a few more lessons on the tasks before we would begin to work on the parts of the brain in fine detail.

It was now Friday and since we all had double Psychology today, we would spend the two lessons today working on our tasks to terminate the week. I was speculating the tasks, gawping at them in profound inspection while the sounds of pens scribbling on paper echoed in my mind.

1) Facts about your person. Age, name, birthday, status, family, interests etcetera.
2) Why have you chosen this person/group? How do you know them? How they interest you. What sort of personality they possess that drew you to them.
3) Do they take drugs or drink excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages to distort parts of their brains?
4) How do they act? Interlink the personality into this one, as well. What does their personality/how they act on their personality tell you about them as a person/group?
5) Do they have any disorders? Personality disorders, eating disorders etcetera.
6) What are their past experiences? Traumatic family deaths, being in care etcetera.
7) Do they have any secrets? Not something to be taken lightly.
8) Any quotes by them? What do the quotes say about them and what sort of person they are?
9) What does this person/group aspire to become in the future? Or if they are older, what were they like as an adolescent?
10) How do you feel about this person/group?

For task 10, there was no extra information jotted beside it. I suppose it was Mr. Gellar's way of leaving it tenaciously vague to let us construe it in our own ways and make it more appropriate to us and whatever person/group of people it was about, it would change the purpose and intention of the simple question at hand.

I looked down at my sheet of paper and began writing next to the numbers scribbled in the margin of the paper. The lesson finished half an hour later and I was too caught up scrutinising Jason to realise the bell had chimed through the building and everyone was packing away hurriedly.

When I had packed away and placed my task sheet in my folder I had brought for Psychology class, I sauntered out of the room and made my way back to my room. I was going to call my parents back in England because it had been a couple of days since I'd spoken to them and I felt like they were my rock sometimes. They reminded me of home and all of the friends I'd left behind and I wouldn't be able to live not detecting my friends.

"Hey, Mum," I spoke, dumping my bag and folder on my bed and plopping myself down next to them.

Even though it was just after half six back in England, my mom would unquestionably be up by now because she wakes up at six for work and she doesn't leave until seven. I knew I'd have chance to catch up with her now and distribute a little bit of a natter but just to hear her voice would bring me some contentment.

"Tiegan!" my mom's voice cheered before she sighed. "You've just missed your father; he's just gone out to work. But I'm so happy you're calling. What's it like? Have you made any more new friends?"

I smiled. "I made friends with a girl called Verity. She's in Track with me and does long-distance running in the evenings with me. She's really good and she's really nice," I explained.

The door opened and Johanna stepped in, holding her key card in her hands before closing the mahogany door behind her. She was about to utter a hello when I stopped her by holding up a hand, miming the word Mum to her. She nodded, smiling before rummaging through her bedside desk for some things. She left the room almost instantly after that.

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