Thirty-Seven: A Rude Interruption †

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Things in Psychology class were heating up now – and I don't just mean by the radiator.

Our work was getting a lot more intense and Mr. Gellar said we'd have to do a report – minimum of five A4 pages long – on everything we had learnt so far this semester. He said five pages would be easy to do as a minimum because you can interlink everything with the next topic we did. Of course he'd say that. He's the damn teacher.

More people were even beginning to stay inside at all costs. Candidly, I was actually one of them but unless I had to go into town, I decided to wrap up even warmer than normal and rush into town, spend as much time in the warm shops and rush back to college.

And now, half way through the second week in December, it had actually started to snow. This wasn't always a good thing. This also meant that the winter athletics competition had to be held inside in the sports hall this year in our college and it was going to be a two day thing so everyone could see everything.

The snow was only a mere layer outside on the ground, but it was enough to start causing cars to pull in and out slowly of the college campus. Most teachers had 4x4 cars so they were easier to drive in bleak weather like this, but the younger ones had lower cars like TT's so they weren't very appropriate for this climate.

With it snowing, it also meant, we always had to find a new place for Track whenever it wasn't written work. That also reminds me, I have a lot of homework for Track over the Christmas break that I should probably commence now.

Johanna and Verity were always giving me some piece of "advice" to help through the Jason and Lea situation. I hadn't spotted them together and even when it came to breakfast or dinner, Jason would sit on the table with his friends on the soccer team while Lea would sit with Ruby on the opposite side. Lea barely ate, but she still managed some things due to Ruby's whining which for once, was actually put to a good use. I couldn't bear saying anything to Lea; I knew she wouldn't want that, even if I was trying to help her out.

Right now, with it being a weekend, I was in my room, snuggled into my duvet with my laptop on my lap. I hadn't even read very much coming here aside from the Psychology book we had to read, but that was about it. I only even used my laptop to go on Facebook or to contact my parents by emailing them. I told them it was snowing and they were astonished. In England, it was just freezing cold which was characteristic for England – no alteration there then.

I was in the room on my own, Johanna having gone out into town to buy some drinks and food for the room. She said with all the essays she had to do for science – since she did all three sciences and nothing else – she needed more sugar rushes and energy bursts to help her write it. Of course, she also said she'd share them with me but she took priority. I didn't mind, though.

A knock on the door interrupted my typing. I was actually emailing my parents again but I shut my laptop town and placed it back on the bed on top of the duvet. In thick, black leggings and a hoodie, I sauntered over to the door, letting the sleeves of the leaver's hoodie fall over my hands and opened the door.

Jason stood there.

I was too shocked to say a word so instead, he prompted it himself. "Can I come in?"

Merely nodding, I opened the door wider and in came Jason. I closed the door behind him, nearly stumbling into my recently-vacant dirty washing pile (which I had taken to the laundrette's this morning but the hamper was still there) before ambling back to my bed.

"What are you doing here?" I managed to choke out.

"Is everything okay with us?" he asked hesitantly, shoving his hands in his leather jacket's pockets.

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