Twenty-Four: A Bet †

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I don't want another guy who thinks he's better than everyone else.

I want someone who is real with me and honest. I don't want someone who I have to stalk to find out information about him. I want someone like Jason, but different. Although, Jason was certainly good-looking and luscious so there was an argument.

But he was soccer captain and had a girlfriend, no matter how cliché that is in movies and books. Sometimes, I wished my life was a book or movie: most of them have happy endings... if the writer for both was a nice person, granted.

It was Wednesday evening and soccer practice was on since the game was two days away. I was sat in the stands with Verity to my right. Johanna didn't want to come and watch; instead, she met up with some science friends in the library since they all had a report to write or something. I lost enthrallment after a few seconds of hearing the word science repeat.

Damn, am I lucky to have dropped that aimless subject? I mused. I did alright in science in the end: I got all A's for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Jason was at the side at the minute, chugging down half a bottle of water with Scott by his side. When they began to saunter back onto the pitch, half their energy drained already, Scott turned around and as soon as he clasped eyes on the stands, his eyes found mine. He turned around again monotonously, following Verity nudging me, missing my arm and instead, poking my ribs.

"I think he likes you," she observed. "He keeps turning around and looking at you."

I shook my head. "He's nice, but he's not my type. And anyway, how do you know I don't just remind him of someone? You know, like in The Fault in our Stars where Augustus stares at Hazel in the first meeting, regardless of the fact that they're not even acquaintances."

Verity was contemplative for a moment, propping her tongue on her teeth before shrugging. "It's been a few years since I've read that book but what if that doesn't apply for you two? You could get closer to him and show him what you're made of. I think you'd be good together," she articulated, turning her awareness back to practice where the boys had begun the second half of the shortened-game.

I sighed. "I get told I'm good with Jason, and you're telling me I'm good with Scott? Can't anyone ever just say I'm good being single?"

Verity wrinkled her nose as if she was nauseated by the thought. "I hate being single."

"Then you go out with Scott," I replied.

"He's too busy pining over you," she remarked, tilting her head to me. "Anyway, why don't you just get closer to him? It might do you some good creating a bit of distance between you and Jason. Jason does have a girlfriend and he's happy with her." If only you knew, I deliberated. "Start a new developing friendship."

I merely nodded in response.

Jason had possession of the ball before kicking it half way across the pitch to a dark-haired boy. They were running to the goal together on parallel sides of the pitch before the boy passed the ball to another boy; this boy was a good six feet tall, I perceived.

Scott was hanging back slightly, equipped if someone needed him behind and luckily for him, the six foot tall boy did: he passed back and Scott instantaneously kicked the ball to Jason, letting the opposing team delay their reactions as Jason had a free shot of the goal. I was sat on the edge of my seat as the goalie began to jump slightly, crouching down in prior to-

The crowd of spectators stood up and roared in encouragement and jubilation. I smiled, clapping my hands along with Verity by my side, emulating my movements. People were beginning to sit down whilst simultaneously, the people on Jason's team began to cheer and even the coach scribbled down on his clipboard before clapping, dropping the clipboard down to his chest.

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