Thirty-Three: The Private Insight †

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Jason's P.O.V.

"Can we talk?"

I turned around and saw Scott ambling just behind me. I nodding, shoving my hands in my imaginary pockets. He stood next to me and we stopped walking, standing just outside the changing rooms; we had just had practice since it was the weekend now. Evidently, too, I didn't have pockets in my soccer garments.

"You know I was meeting up with Tiegan in town, don't you?" he questioned.

I waggled my head, keeping my mouth clamped shut.

"I'm not anymore. I mean, I know it was the beginning of November when we last went on one and we're already past the middle of November" - how is time flying by so quickly? – "but I just wanted to tell you we were going out. I mean, I know you're dating Lea but there is something there with Tiegan behind the scenes, isn't there?"

I sighed, hanging my head. This was pathetic of me. I was doing this to myself. I was putting Tiegan before Lea and everyone was apprehending it now. It wasn't a secret. Everyone knows we're friends and they've all been notified of our developing relationship.

"Look," I spoke, inhaling profoundly, "I am still dating Lea but there is something with Tiegan, and I don't know. I mean, I'm thinking about breaking it off with Lea. Scott, I really appreciate you telling me this, but you can't tell anyone that I may be dumping Lea. Please," I implored.

Scott shook his head. "You have my word, man."

"Thanks," I mumbled back, about to step into the changing rooms but was halted by Scott again. "What?"

"You're not going to hurt Tiegan, are you?" he asked cautiously.

"I don't know what will happen, Scott," I answered, "but I don't plan to intentionally."

After a moment of brief hesitation, he nodded. He seemed somewhat satisfied with that answer, I mused, so I'll let that stay with him. We walked into the changing rooms in silence and tranquillity greeted us. Everyone else had left by now, pretty much. It didn't take us long to get ready, anyway.

Scott and I didn't say another word to one another until we were exiting the changing rooms. I slung my sports bag over my shoulder and made my way to my room on my own, parting with Scott when he came to his floor. I rummaged around for my key, inserting it into the lock contraption and anticipating for the green flash. It flashed green a second later. I entered.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

Mark looked up from sitting on his bed, encased in homework and sheets. He ran a large hand through his newly-shaved head and sighed. His emerald green eyes dimmed as he spoke, "Doing homework. I'm going to fail this semester if I don't. And plus, my girlfriend was doing homework so I thought I might as well do some." Tina was a good influence on Mark... sometimes. Tina was his girlfriend.

I nodded. "I thought it was strange to see you here, but even stranger for you doing homework like a good boy."

"You do homework."

"I like my classes," I protested, dropping my bag down on my bed.

"Soccer and writing," he mumbled, scoffing a little bit. "How different could they be?"

I rolled my eyes, ignoring his now-rhetorical question. I began to take some things out and put them in another sports bag. I washed my face quickly in the bathroom to attempt to cool me down before continuing with stuffing dirty, unwashed clothed in the black bag. I rummaged through my cupboard under my little table at the side of my bed and got my wallet out, making sure there was money in before dropping it on top of the dirty washing as well as my room key card. I slung the bag over my shoulder, feeling the pressure and tension beneath my skin accumulate.

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