Five: Wit and Logic †

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It was the evening the following day which meant I was sat on my bed, leaning against the headboard with the psychology book resting in my knees.

Johanna was doing the same on her bed, except for the fact she was lying down, her legs crossed over one another in the company of one of her science books. I was honestly so thankful to give up science; it was my weakest subject.

"What happened to you when I left?" I asked quizzically.

A sheepish smile toyed at her lips. "I spent a little bit more time with Jason – from my science class, Jason. But I did see you with Jason McCann." She sighed. "The Jason from my science class isn't too good, though. I saw him kissing some girl later on which is when I came back."

I opened my mouth but no words came out until, "I'm sorry." My voice was feeble but I'd never had to do this before. "He doesn't deserve you."

"It's not a problem: he didn't have a very good body, anyway." She laughed.

"Do I even want to know how you know that?" I retorted.

"He took his top off at one point. That's when I came back."

When the laughter ceased, I read a new paragraph in my book; the first chapter was primarily to do with the structure of the brain and the different parts and what they did. It also explained how drugs and alcohol – over time – decreased the efficiency of the brain and how it functioned.

The frontal lobe is one of the four foremost allotments of the cerebral cortex. This part of the brain regulates decision making, problem solving, and control of purposeful behaviours, consciousness and emotions.

"Have you thought anymore of how you're going to do your project?" Johanna asked abruptly.

"No idea," I breathed. "But I have until the end of the year. I just don't want to start it too late. But it's only the second day here."

In the silence that dwelt, there was an impulsive banging noise from across the hallway. Johanna and I exchanged probing stares before poking our heads through the tiny splinter of the door we tried to open delicately. But we opened it further when we noticed everyone else was gawping disgracefully at the scenario playing in front of us.

Johanna moved to the left to mumble something to the girl in the room next door. She stepped back to me and began to whisper, "Fight with a girlfriend, apparently. He cheated on her."

"Who cheated?" I replied, in the same whispered tone, "And on whom?"

"Some boy called Gary and a girl called Olivia." She shrugged sketchily.

"Olivia, come out, please," he pleaded. "Just open the door. We can talk about this – in private," he added quickly, turning around and catching a glimpse of the audience.

"Maybe he loves her," Johanna muttered. "Maybe he doesn't want to lose her."

Gary was leaning on the door with his left shoulder. His eyes were now on the picture of the two girls inside. Every room had that – even ours, which, might I just add, not my best picture. He reached up a hand and daintily put his forefinger on the redhead girl with fiery green eyes.

"Or maybe for other reasons," I offered. Bets, loneliness... sex.

Johanna shrugged as Gary turned around to everyone. "Haven't you all done prying yet?" he hollered, before shouting some unprintable profanities at everyone until they all submerged back into their rooms.

I sighed, slinging myself onto the bed before there was an abrupt knock at the door. Johanna stayed on her bed, reading her book. Groaning, I traipsed to the door to find Jason standing there. And I didn't mean Jason from Johanna's science class.

"Jason," I exclaimed, "what are you doing here?" I questioned.

"You never told me you beat the school record in just a warm up." His eyes were somewhat wide as he ran a hand through his shaggy hair. "That's impressive."

"You never asked," I remarked, smiling a little and tilting my head to the side.

"Well, I was on the way to Lea's room – she's a few doors down and I noticed your picture-"

"Please, no," I interjected. "Not the picture."

"And I'd heard someone saying about how some Tiegan had beaten the school record. Tiegan-"

"Smith," I declared.

Jason wore an amused smile. "Do you have a habit of finishing other people's-"

"Sentences," I finished, grinning broadly.

Jason smiled wider and for a moment, there was just us two staring at one another before I bowed my head, not wanting him to see the evident flush I was beginning to retain. I heard Johanna cough from her bed and I turned my head. She was attempting to hide a smile... fruitlessly.

"Well, I better get to Lea. She will be wondering where I am because I said I'd show her around town," he concluded. "I'll see you later sometime."

"Bye," I called out after him, earning a glare from a poor Gary who was still stuck on the other side of the door. "Have you tried opening it?" I asked, just as someone knocked on another door. "You know, from the outside where you are," I clarified.

Gary looked flabbergasted before turning the door handle and the door was open. He was already aghast, taken aback by the obvious solution to the whole predicament. Maybe his frontal lobe has been affected by drugs and alcohol. That gave me somewhat of an idea for my psychology project, but it wouldn't be enough.

I heard a laugh emit from a few doors down and stepped out to see Jason observing, clearly pleased with what I said. He was waiting outside Lea's room. "Now that, I liked," he gestured to Olivia's room. "That was witty."

"I must confess, I'm a sucker for logic," I joked back, holding onto the door handle with my left hand and closing it slightly, trying to block out the noise for Johanna.

"Well, that's what I like in a girl," Jason articulated, as I heard the door creak open.

"Come in," I heard a distant voice.

Before Jason immersed himself in the room, he turned back to me and with his left eye – the one Lea couldn't see – he winked at me before the door shut.

My jaw fell ajar and my knees felt like jelly. This was cliché and slightly over the top but I'd read the stories about the guy always making the girl weak at the knees when they did something like that, but I never imagined it to be factual. If anything, honestly, I felt somewhat silly and preposterous.

Jason and Lea. Jason and Lea. Jason and Lea.

Now I'm just delusional.

I went back into the room, leaning on the door as Johanna had to lie down, twisting her body to see round the wardrobe/drawers to see me. She laughed as soon as she did.

"You're smitten," she acknowledged.

"I'm not smitten." I paused. "But is this really coming from the one who called Jason delicious."

She opened her mouth but closed it again. "Okay, okay, truce. I get your point. But for the record, definitely not delicious."

Sitting back down on my bed and beginning to read more about the brain's development over time, I could hear hilarity diffusing through the walls and doors before it began to just become a distant noise, somewhat like footsteps when someone's running away from you. Then, the laughter ceased.

Was he justly happy with her though?

Now that was what I could find out from my psychology project, I deliberated.

Author's Note:

Ooh, what do you think of Jason and Tiegan's relationship? As Jason is in a relationship with Lea, what do you think will happen with that? Do you think there will be a love triangle somewhere down the line? Let me know!

Thank you :) x

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