Forty-Five: Sexy Outbursts of Trouble †

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"Jason dumped Lea for her."

"Bit of a downgrade. Lea's stunning."

"Lea and Jason were perfect."

"It's cliché for them to be together."

That's all I had endured leading up to the first day of lessons again. People were whispering as I strolled past them, immediately hushed by my presence; as soon as I'd turn a corner, the judgements would commence again.

I didn't bother informing Jason of such condemnatory since he was probably tolerating it right now from his soccer friends. Instead, I kept quiet about it to him, only telling Johanna and Verity instead. Both had caught up on the Jason situation with me and were both happy for me. That was the final question: Was I happy for myself?

Jason laughed for a long time as soon as he kept gawping at the wrapping paper for the presents. When he opened it, however, he tried to be as delicate with the paper as possible because the next time I wandered into his room with him, he had hung up the wrapping paper on the wall beside his bed. But the presents went well. We scoffed down most of the sweets in one sitting and he was really gratified for the writing stuff.

But now it was time for the first day of lessons to initiate and I was quite nervous. Knowing the word had gotten round about Jason and I (which, even though it was the beginning of the spring semester, I still didn't know if we were dating or not) I felt even more nervous than I would have done to stroll around the halls and congregate with other people.

First up was Track and I could, without a doubt, tell you that Ruby was glaring at me the entire of the lesson. She even tried to beat me and come first in the warm up but that didn't even happen. Instead, she came fourth and even Coach Kate was surprised.

"If you put all that anger into running," she declared, "you'd have come close second. Not first, but close second."

Ruby scowled at her from behind before continuing to stretch out her muscles.

When the lesson ended, I was walking back on my own. Verity had fallen ill today with food poisoning so she was in the hospital at the moment because the college nurse ordered her to go. But, I wasn't alone for long because Ruby sauntered up right beside me, almost knocking me over with the force from hitting my shoulder.

"Jason will get back with Lea," she articulated, holding her head proudly high, an attitude to her voice. "They're meant to be."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever you say," I said, keeping my voice impassive.

"They will!" Now she was indignant. "You're just getting in the way of everything: my win for long-distance running, Lea and Jason..." She trailed off.


"You just ruin everything. Jason was happy with Lea. Lea was happy with Jason."

"You know, I wouldn't class happy as barely being intimate with someone and walking around sulking everywhere. With me, he's happy and you wouldn't know that anyway because you're too far up Lea's ass to realise anything so maybe if you took your head out of her ass for long enough, you'd realise you're just a stuck-up bitch." The outburst came before I could stop it and it was only when I finished did I realise what I had said.

Wordlessly, I got shoved down to the floor by Ruby, scraping my knees on the edge of the track course. I gaped at her, pushing myself up with my grazed hands and beginning to walk away until she shoved me forwards, too. I stood up and pushed her back, feeling the irritation rise within me. I was pretty sure my cheeks were scarlet by now.

"Girls!" bellowed Coach Kate. "Stop!" She came in between us and held out her arms to force us backwards even more.

Some of the girls in our Track had turned their heads to witness the commotion. Some were too far down the field to bother running back up to watch. Instead, they carried on walking whilst Coach Kate ordered everyone who had circled around us to leave.

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