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Fifty-Eight: Time's Running Out †

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Johanna and I had cleaned up the room together, mumbling incoherently every time she found a new stash of revision that had been speckled somewhere else.

I managed to tidy my half the fastest so I helped out on her behalf. Needless to say she shooed me away when it came to sorting out her revision and books.

"This is stupid. Why would someone take Jason's modelling pictures? Maybe it was Jason!" said Johanna, pointing her finger accusingly at me. Her eyes were wide.

"He was with me," I said. "I went to see him, remember? It's got to be someone else. But how would someone get into our room?" I stole a glance at Johanna, trying to decipher her expression.

There was a possibility that it could be her, but she's been such a great friend to me and why the hell would she purposefully mess up her revision? There's not very Johanna-like. She wouldn't touch them in a bad way at all. It had to be someone else who maybe had a key card for every room... maybe staff, or something. But they couldn't just barge in: there's something in the rule book about staff barging into student's rooms. That's why they post notes under the door.

"Who the hell could it be?" I hissed. "We haven't given anyone else our keys, right?"

Johanna shook her head relentlessly. "Heck, no. We got burgled at home once and it was horrible. Since then, the doors are always locked and there's always someone in the house who can fight evil people. That's about it." She shuddered, wrapping her long navy coat around her more.

But that didn't matter anymore. Time was running out and the pictures still hadn't been found. In the mean time, I had to ask Jason if I could borrow his pictures again. But he had to skedaddle somewhere quickly so he left them in my possession. I took my opportunity to run into town and photocopy the pictures again. The next time I saw Jason, I handed the pictures back to him.

"Here you go," I said.

Jason smiled. "Thanks. But I've been trying to figure out why you even wanted them." He stuffed the envelope into his pocket.

I leaned close to Jason who was leaning on the door frame. "Can't I admire my boyfriend's sexy body?" I murmured seductively in his ear.

"You can admire it more inside my room."

Needless to say when we did enter his room, Mark came back shortly and, uh, interrupted us so we had to remain talking for the rest of the time because Mark had nowhere else to go. It seemed like he was having girlfriend problems, according to his ramblings. When I left, Jason rolled his eyes and gesticulated with his hands in a prayer position. Save me, he mouthed. I happily walked out, winking.

Johanna was intently revising when I got back to the room, opening the door and instantaneously being shushed.

But for now, May was creeping in and exams were beckoning us closer. They would begin in June and carry on until July — or, depending when your specific block of exams were. Mine were at the end of June so I had all July to relax until it would be the termination of the first year of being at North Vale College. It still seems like only yesterday when I was standing, admiring the building and some cocky boy came up behind me, demanding for me to move and being moronic when he muttered, striding past me.

Teachers were beginning to pile the pressure and giving us unreasonable amount of homework to add onto revision. Coach Kate kept us stretching and revising through the muscles and the problems caused if you don't stretch. Every lesson we would have to recite it. However, with Track, we had both a theory and practical exam and the theory was going to be the hardest one. But so was Psychology with the project and exam.

Talking about the project... the due date for that was the last lesson: 11th July which, after that, we only had a few more days until we finished the year. That was mind-boggling, honestly. I couldn't even bear to think like that because I don't know what I'll do with Jason. I'd have to go back to England with my parents, but maybe Jason could come. After all, he doesn't have a proper family.

"You're the closest I've got to a family and that's fine by me. You're my family now," he'd say — he's said it before.

I just couldn't bear to think what I would be like if I didn't have parents. Would I have turned out like Jason? Trying to locate my parents in order for revenge? That thought shook me a little. Not trying to be too condescending, but I quite like the way I turned out. I like being British and knowing my parents and having the wealth status we do.

I was spending as much free time in my room as I could, prepping the project. Even though it's only May and I still have two months for the project, but I also have to know what I'm going to say. I still need a little bit more information.

"Don't let it drive you insane," advised Johanna, not even looking up from her revision. Characteristic, really.

"I'm not. I just need more facts," I replied, gawping down endlessly at the papers in my lap.

Jason's modelling pictures were back in the cupboard, but I had modified them a little bit. Johanna supervised me the entire time, gawking over my shoulder like a hawk until I'd finished and she nodded her head, satisfied with my work.

"That's good," she said. "I think you almost might be ready to present it."

Author's Note:

Who do you think has the pictures? ;)

Thank you :) x

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