Sixty-Two: Results †

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It was packing day today.

Everyone in the entire college was packing all their belongings to go home. Some would be staying in this same state, and others would be flying home. That included me.

I had already informed my parents about Jason. She said we were free to fly over to see one another whenever – granted it was both cheap and there was enough notice for it – as they wouldn't stop us from seeing one another since they didn't have any legitimate reason to. They were both happy for me. And Jason, actually.

Johanna was mumbling to herself as she chucked all of her revision into the bin. I had already done the same, celebrating at the end of the exams. We even got our results later today at dinner so everyone was obligated to come down at that time and not go out. That meant some people's trips home had to have been delayed.

"God, I'm glad you were my roommate. I don't know how many times I've said it. Man, this year has gone fast," gushed Johanna.

I nodded, folding a top. "Tell me about it. I'm glad you're my roommate, too. Much rather have you than someone like Ruby or Lea."

"But you'd probably prefer Jason. Shame they don't do opposite sex rooms." She smirked.

I threw a pillow at her, provoking her to throw it back at my bed, missing me even though I skimmed her side. "Thank you for that," I said, failing in my endeavour to cloak a smile.

She grinned as she emptied her drawers onto her bed. All of the clothes were winkled excessively – even for Johanna – whilst her suitcase was on the floor. She began to inspect all of the clothes before deciphering which one to pick up and then folding it and placing it delicately into the suitcase. I was doing the same with mine but that was nearly finished now. I didn't have to worry about discarding my revision unlike Johanna.

An hour later when both Johanna and I had finished – somehow she'd gained some speed whilst I was relaxing on my bed – I decided I'd go and find Jason to see if he needed help or something. Johanna was left to sort out her library books she had borrowed which were her last job. Then again, she was noting down all the names and authors so she could buy them when she got home.

Knocking on Jason's door, he answered straight away. Like most of the time, Mark wasn't in, either and all of his things were still in place. "He will just throw it all in his suitcase either later tonight or tomorrow. He told me," Jason announced.

Jason's suitcase was on the floor and everything was vacant and empty on his side. Even in the bathroom it was a lot emptier, only Mark's assets left in there. Jason pulled me into the room more and closed the door behind you. I was still gawping at his suitcase when he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Mind if I pack you? I don't particularly want to leave my girlfriend." He leaned his head on my shoulder as he spoke, swaying us gently. "Plus, you're probably small enough."

"Hey!" I said accompanied with faux fury. I turned around so his arms dropped and a smile began to haul my lips upwards. "You're packing Bubbles, I think you win, anyway," I said, chuckling. "So, where are you going to go? Do you have a home?" I asked cautiously, sitting down on the bed, avoiding walking into the suitcase as I did.

Jason perched next to me and sighed. "I have to visit my social worker for her to decide what will happen to me this summer. Other than that, I think I may even be free to stay in London with you. Will girls go crazy over my accent?" He winked.

"If they do, I'll leave you in the middle of London." I winked back. "What do you think she would say?" Jason has mentioned his social worker, Kim, a few times. He'd just drop her into conversation but she had helped him and Jason's come a long way. She needed some credit.

"I think she'll be fine with it. I'm sure she will want to hold a meeting to discuss everything: Where I'll be going and who I'll be with and since I am 19, she can't stop me. I'm legally an adult already and I'll be staying near you. What more could be better?"

"You'll make sure you bring Bubbles, right?" I asked.

Jason laughed, leaning in and kissing my lips. "Only for you." He kissed me again before pulling back. "Come on, it's dinner time now and we get our results. The second years got theirs yesterday."

Jason held my hand and pulled me up. We ambled to the food hall together and even managed to find a seat next to Johanna and Verity joined us shortly after. Both of them smiled at Jason politely and sat opposite us. We were quite fortunate to find seats because some people were coming in and having to stand and lean against the walls because they obviously just wanted their results and then they'd be going out to buy food in town. Or get drunk, actually, I mused.

"Thank you all for a brilliant year this year. Now, I'd like to say how very proud of everyone I am in this room for all their results. Everyone else should be proud, too. And now, to start. Can everyone with the surname beginning with the letter A come up first and get their results!"

We all exchanged glances, acknowledging this was going to go very slow. I'd also be the last one out of us four since my surname was Smith. Jason went up when M was called out just after Verity, but ended up chatting to some of his friends so he didn't get back until Johanna came back with him. It actually seemed like eternity had passed by the time Verity was going up for the surnames beginning with E.

"I passed Track!" she came back, grinning broadly with excitement radiating off her. She fell down into her seat next to Johanna. "I got an A!"

"That's great, Verity," I praised. Even Johanna and Jason congratulated her, too.

"Shall we go up then?" Jason breathed, staring at Johanna when M had been called.

"Let's go for it," she said. Her face had paled considerably and by how awkwardly she was walking, I knew it was all she was doing to keep herself upright. I'm sure her legs had turned to jelly already and her arms were rigid by her sides. She picked up her envelope with a trembling smile. They both came back together, unopened, russet envelopes the size of A4 since they also contained certificates.

"Yes!" exclaimed Jason. "Got both an A* in English and Soccer. Great!"

I leaned in and kissed his cheek. "Well done," I mumbled shyly, despite there being a big grin on my face.

Jason leaned his arm over the back of my chair and I shunted over so I was a bit closer to him.

Johanna was now opening her envelope, failing to do so slightly. She handed it to Verity who opened it for her before handing it back to Johanna before she could see anything inside. Johanna pulled out the top piece of paper and her eyes scanned all down it.

"A* in all three sciences!" she exclaimed.

"Jeez, we've got two dorks on this table, Verity," I said, pleased with everyone's results.

Verity snorted, Johanna squealed with delight and Jason squeezed my bicep, a small on his face, too.

Time began to decrease painfully now until it was finally my turn. I stood up and ambled over to the table in the front, getting in a chaotic line to receive the envelope. "Tiegan Smith," I said to the woman sat behind the desk. Since there were only a few envelopes left, she picked it up rather quickly and handed it to me with a smile. "Thank you."

Sitting back down in my seat, I sliced open the top of the envelope and retracted the first piece of paper in there. With Verity, Jason and Johanna's eyes all boring into me, I looked up to them with a huge smile.

"A* in Track and an A in Psychology," I informed timidly as the blood began to surge up to my cheeks and neck. My face was a dark shade of magenta now as Jason pulled me in for a kiss on the cheek.

"And now you owe me for doing that project on me," he said jubilantly. "We had a deal."

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