Fifty-Six: Revision and Cuddles †

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Time was speeding up rapidly before it would decelerate on an agonisingly slow and painful day which is normally when I'd have Track with Ruby.

That didn't particularly help. But I was with Jason and we were content with one another now. He told me when he was going to the warehouse and when he came back, I'd have a text message waiting for me in the morning with news of the preceding night.

So far, having found his parents and where they now lived, he was more hyped with power. He was close to locating the techno guys, but since an athletics competition was drawing closer, that meant I couldn't be too enthralled because I had to practice. Jason had to devote more time towards soccer now, too because the final battle would be coming up near the end of the year – round about the times of the exams, actually.

But I managed to ace the competition. I came first in my races but Ruby was still nearing closer to me. When she finished the race and we accompanied one another off the track, she merely scoffed – well, a scoff morphed with panting, actually. It was quite a remarkably incongruous sound she managed to manufacture.

Right now, however, I had come to a decision on the project. I knew what I was going to do. All I had to do was get the information and produce the presentation and report and the other little bits and bobs that Mr. Gellar would eulogize us on.

Johanna was too immersed in her science to give me any pointers by this point. She had to study hard and focus more. Then again, whatever she thought she was doing that wasn't primarily focusing on science was beyond me. That's all she ever seemed to be doing.

"I need to pass, you know. You're lucky with Track. All you do is put one foot in front of the other repetitively."

"There's theory to it," I said indignantly, defensive because she thought Track was easy. "We also get assessed on how we're meant to strength and cool down."

"The body cools itself down," she replied bluntly, shrugging her shoulders and shuffling some papers into a nice, organised pile.

"Very scientific," I teased.

Johanna shot me a look and I clamped my mouth shut. I had learned to do that ever since those looks commenced when she became more edge towards revision and work. It wasn't even the Easter holidays yet so there was still time. But Coach Kate was springing tests on us every theory lesson so we had to revise just so we weren't going to be under her wrath for the rest of the lesson. I passed every single one.

Jason had begun spending his time writing, too so our time was even more limited. Between soccer sessions, he had to write a certain amount everyday to evenly spread out his workload. That was quite logical of him, I had to admit that. I could kick myself now for not coming up with that, I acknowledge.

Whilst I was writing for my Psychology project – which Johanna sanctioned I could do when I proposed my scheme – my phone began to ring. Jason was calling me which I found odd considering he was meant to be writing now. We didn't study together because I can still recall what happened when he was helping me with the report after Christmas. I shuddered with the plaguing memories as I reached for my phone.

"Hey," I said, "aren't you meant to be writing?"

Johanna incoherently mumbled from her bed.

"Wait," I said before Jason could say anything, "I'll just go in the bathroom because Johanna is studying." I paced to the bathroom door and closed it behind me as I stepped inside. I sat on the toilet lid which was down – I checked before crouching down. "What's up?"

"We've found the techno guys," he replied. "And yes, I am meant to be writing. In fact, my laptop is on my lap but I just got a text saying they found them. I know who they are, Tiegan!" Jason was a fusion of elation and fury.

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