Thirty-Nine: A Christmas Party and Costume Department †

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That evening, I did text Jason.

Our conversation went on until the night where I went to bed. In the morning, there wasn't really a suitable message to reply to so I left it at that. Now the days were really dropping down to the twenty fourth. It was only two days away now.

"The college normally holds a Christmas party," informed Verity as we were walking in town to buy some food. Johanna was well guarding of her food. "Some second year told me."

"How fun," I acknowledged. "Where do they do it?"

"On the roof, but considering it's snowing, who knows whether they'll do it this year."

We made it into town and automatically veered off to the local, tiny supermarket. We fished around in some aisles first for supplies for college before weaving in and out of the subsequent aisles before we got to the food. Admittedly, we did only come for a few drinks and crisps, as well as a little bit of chocolate and sweets. Verity was the one who actually invited me to come.

After about twenty minutes, our hands were full so we made our way to the checkouts. After a few minutes of queuing, Verity was the first to be served and when she finished assembling her bags, I shunted forwards. The female employee exchanged pleasantries with me.

When we had finished, we made our way back to the college. It had actually stopped snowing for once so we were merely trekking on through the snow, our bags clutched tightly in our hands, suspended from our grip.

"So, it's two days," Verity began hesitantly and slowly.

"Yeah," I exhaled.

"Are you actually going to do it then?"

"I suppose I will. I haven't got much of a choice, have I?" I reasoned. I could either kiss Jason and see where it all goes, or not kiss Jason and lose him as a friend and no doubt he'd go back to Lea after that.

Arriving back at the college, we went our separate ways and I ended up back in my room. Johanna was munching on a chocolate bar when I got in as she was scrawling messily on a piece of paper. It turns out, she was trying to write quickly but you could scarcely comprehend the words.

"You stocked up, too then?" she asked, eyeing the back suspiciously.

"Yeah, I did. It was Verity's idea."

After unloading the bag and filling my cupboard – in prior to shuffling everything around, too – with the junk food, I did a little bit more Psychology work and relaxing with it, doing it at a leisurely pace before it was dinner. I ate with both Johanna and Verity and they got to know one another seeing as most of Johanna's friends had already gone back home. The college was perceptibly less full, and especially in the food court.

Whilst eating dinner, a professor strolled in, bouncing on the balls of his feet as he stood in the middle. He coughed loudly. "I would like to have everyone's attention, please!" he bellowed. When it quietened down, he smiled. "That's better. I would like to announce that the Christmas party tonight will not be held on the roof, and instead it will be held in the larger drama studio in building 2. It is already equipped and ready for the party. It begins at seven! Thank you for listening." And with the ending to his declaration, he strode out of the room with his head held high. He evidently thought of his authority at the moment.

The food court erupted in tedious and strident chatter at once. Some people abandoned their trays on the tables and instantaneously walked out considering they wouldn't have long to get ready and obviously needed all that time. But abandoning the trays on the tables was against the rules. You did have to put them in the stacks of trays at the front. That's what Johanna, Verity and I did half an hour later.

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