Thirty-Five: Eavesdropping and Fairytales †

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It was now December 1st and I had done no further progress on my Psychology project.

I had everything written that Jason had said to me, and I had even looked on his Facebook just to see if there was anything I was missing. In the end, I couldn't find anything new. There were no incriminating pictures or what seemed to be counterfeit friends on his friends list.

Even Scott and I had minimal contact throughout the rest of November. I knew he might not want to talk to me, but it seemed to be that he was avoiding me at all costs and that's what I deemed it as. He doesn't even text me anymore. I miss speaking to him, candidly. The only males I speak to now is Mr. Gellar and Jason.

I had even notified Mr. Gellar on my recent alteration with my project and he was fine with it considering I did have some stuff down already. He thought it would be better for me, anyway especially for being here for another year. I wouldn't like to be hated for a second year. I still hadn't even told Verity this and I knew I would have to soon.

Evening Track practices were starting to get more intense and harder due to the colder and blustery weather. It was raining a lot more now, too which meant there was a lot of cancellations and postponed practices. Sometimes, we had to do Track inside in the gym sometimes because it was too wet outside on the track and it was a safety hazard.

Jason was training more and more now getting ready for the game that was in a couple of days. Consequentially, this did mean I got to see less of him at the moment, but so did Lea. Frankly, I wasn't sure what was happening between him and Lea. They were still together, but as the days went on in November, they were beginning to look less like a couple and now it was December. They barely held hands anymore and Ruby would walk ahead of them, leading them through the corridors in silence.

Whether that meant they were going to end soon, I didn't know. But I could only anticipate.

Now, it was time for the last lot of Psychology for today seeing as it was Friday. After this, I couldn't wait to just go back up to my room and huddle with my laptop in bed and do something. I was getting less and less homework right now from Psychology because we were working on new areas of the brain and what they did before we would do a report on that, and then an essay on everything we had learned this semester before getting graded. I wasn't looking forward to the end of semester grades.

I sat somewhere in the middle row so I got a good view of the board – which, after much speculation of where the best seat is in this room, I had decided with this. A guy with long waves sat next to me, and a girl with a pixie haircut sat on the opposite side, wrapping her jacket around her hips. It was quite warm in this room with the heating scorching our bodies.

"Now, I know everyone has started the project – some having changed it many times – so now would be a good time to point out, you will need to start doing all the extra stuff like reports, pictures, presentations etc." The modelling pictures, I thought, having it abruptly click in my mind.

"And by now, you should have read about 13 slash 14 chapters – give or take a few. When you get to 17, you will need to take the end of unit test which will also be graded and your grade on that, after you hand the test in, will go towards your end of semester grade. And by that point, we will have broken up for Christmas." Mr. Gellar clasped his hands together at the word of Christmas whilst simultaneously, everyone cheered.

Christmas. Christmas. Christmas. How could I forget what that actually meant for me? How am I going to face anything when the spring semester commences? People will talk about things. Surely the kiss will get out... am I actually going to go through with it? I contemplated, quarrelling with myself.

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