Sixty-One: The Psychology Project †

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"When you're ready, Tiegan," prompted Mr. Gellar.

I looked across to all of the students gawping at me, their eyes betraying them and presenting their enthrallment. I looked back down at my pages in prior to pressing the space bar on the laptop for the next slide to show. It was the first question.

"For my project, I picked a soccer player. I'm not saying his name, but I will tell you everything about him." I coughed. "As you can see, his interests include Soccer but also English. He's in a relationship, too. But when it comes to his family, that's the interesting part." I was beginning to gain more confidence now. "He has jumped from foster home to foster home, never managing to settle. He grew up wondering who his biological parents were. One day when he was in a deep funk, he managed to find some people who would help him locate his true parents. They've done that. His parents are the notorious criminals: Scarlet and Johnston Sniper. Their real names are still a mystery, however."

An audible gasp was emitted from everyone in the room. When I glanced over at Mr. Gellar, he was watching me avidly, nodding curtly to indicate to me to go on. I turned back to the PowerPoint because the pictures on this slide were the two criminals. I felt a bubble of vehemence at the sight of them but I kept my cool.

"I chose this person because I think he's different. I like the way he can be interested in two such diverse things: Soccer and writing. He's friendly and always forward which means he would be good to know. I think that's what compelled me to do my project on him. I liked his personality. But I don't know them personally. This is only what other people have said."

I clicked the space bar.

"He takes no drugs since that would jeopardise his Soccer career/hobby and nor does he drink. He needs to stay healthy and remain in good shape to play Soccer which means keeping his mind focused and his lungs healthy."

I clicked the space bar and turned the paper over.

"He's a very compassionate person. He's always there for his girlfriend. He calms down easily but he seems to have somewhat of a quick temper that can escalate to something else if not calmed down. He will forgive someone easily and is always willing to talk about his problems and listen to other people's problems and to sort things out. He's especially a ladies-man and he doesn't even deny it; he knows it, too. He knows what works on a girl and what they like and like I've said before, he's very friendly. It means he can get on well with other people."

Again, I clicked the space bar. When I stepped back, I lost where I was on the page so I had to take a moment or two before locating where I was.

"He has no disorders at all. But he has been been in foster care before so that relates to his past experiences. His parents left him as soon as he was born so that's something he has to live with and put up with for the rest of his life, knowing he's not wanted by the two people who are meant to love him unconditionally."

I hesitantly clicked the space bar. The edited modelling pictures showed up on the PowerPoint.

"Like everyone, he has his own secrets. For one, the criminals for parents are a secret. He also did modelling when he was about 16/17. These are the pictures. I bent down to the table slightly to pick up the paper copies of the modelling pictures. I held them up. "These are his pictures. He has the physique of a Soccer player, unquestionably," I joked, trying to fracture the tension loitering unpleasantly in the air. The joke earned a few laughs from the girls.

I clicked the space bar, put down the modelling pictures and put the paper to the back, starting a new one.

"He has no quotes but he's assured that "I will think of some". When he's older, he would like to become either a famous soccer player or a writer – he is still indecisive about his future. However, I'm sure he would be great at both. And for this person, I look up to him."

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