Fifteen: The Soccer Game †

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Johanna was by my side as we ambled down towards the stands.

I was a little tired from Track this morning but I'd be sat down in the stands so that made me feel a little better. Also, both Johanna and I established that we would both meet up with others and go our separate ways: her science friends and Verity.

Verity waved manically from the stands and I said goodbye to Johanna where she ran back to her science friends – a whole group of them. I weaved my way through the stands and mass of people until I was sat next to Verity. She shuddered slightly in her leather jacket. It was pretty chilly tonight.

"Hey," she spoke, shunting over a little to make a little room for me.

I subtly pulled up my jeans before sitting down. My jacket didn't go all the way down to my hips and my top would probably ride up at the back from slouching over so I didn't particularly want anyone to observe my underwear for the first time. That would be a little daunting and mortifying.

"When does it start?"

"About five minutes," Verity replied after inspecting her watch, pulling her sleeve of her jacket back.

With the crowd beginning to expand and the murmuring intensifying, the soccer coach finally sauntered out onto the pitch with his famous grey tracksuit on. Come to think of it, he was wearing it yesterday when I saw Jason. Ignoring that thought, he coughed and got handed a microphone like a singer would use from a reserve off the benches at the side.

"Good evening to all the students and fellow professors of North Vale High. Tonight, it's the first soccer game of the year," he informed in a low, raspy voice, "and we're going to win this thing and bring back the trophy at the end of the year!" His voice gradually intensified in pitch before he was bellowing into the microphone and his self-assured voice was emitted from the speakers, provoking a chorus of screaming teenagers. "And here I present to you," he spoke again when the crowd went silent, "the North Vale High soccer team!"

Jason ran out first being the captain.

The uniform was a royal blue colour for the shirt accompanied by black shorts. On the back of his top said McCann and his number was 6. Jason's trainers were neon yellow and from here I could tell that the brand was Nike. Chuckling softly under my breath, I couldn't help but wonder how he came to have such two different colours. Thankfully, the loudness of the spectators masked my chuckle so even Verity didn't hear it.

And from Jason's neck dangled the proverbial dog chains, smashing against his chest every time he jogged up to the pitch in prior to standing in place in previous to everyone else on the pitch trotting out. I couldn't wait to see Jason play because I knew he'd be amazing. The facts were that he had to be considering he got the captain on his first day and very few first years get to become captain so he must have been truly special to get this.

When the coach had announced the other's college's entrance, the team came out in crimson red uniform and by the glower on Jason's face, I figured red was actually the North Vale High and the blue was merely a backup they were required to be dressed in.

As soon as it came to shaking hands of the other team, Jason instantly drew up a smile on his lips and the glower never returned for the whole game. Instead, when both coaches were having a little discussion before the game and the teammates just had to stand back in place, Jason's eyes were racking the stands. Finally, his eyes landed on me and his smile grew.

"Did something happen between you two?" Verity whispered in my ear.

Lots of people were turning around to me, wondering who the notorious Jason McCann was smiling to. But as soon as they saw me, they instantly turned around again. I felt my cheeks flush as I lowered my head slightly, a smile never faltering on my face.

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