Seven: The Beginning †

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Walking into Psychology the subsequent Monday, I sat down in my typical seat.

My stomach churned as I sat down but I knew that was just because I was so full from lunch; for once, I actually consumed too much.

Mr. Gellar strolled into the room, throwing up his bag and plonking it down on the desk loud enough for me to jump a little. There was a chorus of quietened giggles around the room and I bowed my head, licking my lips. I kept my head hung low for the blush to deteriorate before I raised my head again and Mr. Gellar was perched on the edge of his desk.

"Can the people who have figured out what they're doing their project on raise their hand," he instructed. "Whether it's psychology or sociology, I don't mind."

Only two people raised their hand but then Jason popped into my mind mindlessly. Without realising now, my hand rose up and Mr. Gellar's eyes landed on me in my sudden movement, assessing whether I was telling the truth or not.

He nodded brusquely to me before gesturing for the three people to lower their hands. He turned around and got a stack of paper off the desk, passed a bunch to each row before the beginning of each row began to pass them behind to everyone, taking a stack with them, too. I did the same before passing them behind me. They then got collected in silence by Mr. Gellar.

"I would have hoped that after a whole week," he began, "that nearly half of you would have figured out what to do your project on. I do have to say, I am quite disappointed in those who haven't and I hope you pick soon because otherwise, you'll really feel the strain. It takes a long time to study someone or a group, especially whether it's a band or a singer to a student in this school.

"The paper on your desk is for all of you to write notes, even if you don't know what you're doing yet and so you have extra work this lesson. Of course, you're free to ask questions and I will be putting up tasks up on the board, but you need to write notes; section your presentation into posters, slideshows, facts and what you'll include in each. Some, more obvious than the other," he rolled his eyes, gesturing with his hand, "will mean you'll finish in no time if you're one of the three who know what they're doing. Alright, you may begin then. I'll write the tasks. Also, write your project name on the top as I'll be collecting them in at the end of the lesson. I will also mark your notes today and will give them back to you, marked, for next lesson."

I didn't want to spoil my project already so instead, at the top of the page, I wrote my title as The Soccer Player and left it as that before I began to write what I'd do for pictures, slideshows, facts etc. When I had finished that, half an hour had already passed by and I had written half a page. By now, Mr. Gellar had finished writing the tasks on the board by only a few seconds as he sat down at his desk. I glanced up at the tasks.

"Now, I know you may not be able to complete all of them today – especially those who are clueless for their project – but I want you to do as much as you can. I will not be grading you on how much you write, but the quality. It might sound perplexing now, but I have my method," he informed before beginning to immerse himself in marking papers.

1) Facts about your person. Age, name, birthday, status, family, interests etcetera.
2) Why have you chosen this person/group? How do you know them? How they interest you. What sort of personality they possess that drew you to them.
3) Do they take drugs or drink excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages to distort parts of their brains? If so, what do they take and how does it affect their brain and how are those parts of the brain changed?
4) How do they act? Interlink the personality into this one, as well. What does their personality/how they act on their personality tell you about them as a person/group?
5) Do they have any disorders? Personality disorders, eating disorders etcetera.

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