Twenty: The Morning After †

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"Alright, well, I guess I know what you really do get up to, Jason," a foreign voice announced, subsequent to a door opened and closed. A chuckle terminated their proclamation.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jason hissed.

"Nothing," said the alien voice.

I opened my eyes, slightly dazed and disorientated for a moment. I glanced around, observing a diverse room to what I'm normally in before I sat up, astonished and gasping. Both boys turned back around to me and I huddled the duvet up to me. The strange boy stared at me, amusement flickering in his eyes and his lips curving up into a smirk. Jason looked regretful, considerably contrite.

"What's going on then? Do spill, please."

Jason turned around to Mark before glancing back at me. Mark was standing by the door, leaning smugly against it with his arms crossed and his foot back against the door, his knee propped up. Jason was standing in front of him, diagonal to the bed I was on. Jason's bed, my mind corrected.

Jason sighed, combing his hand through his bed hair. "I was speaking to Tiegan last night outside of her room and she closed the door by accident, leaving her key card inside the room and her roommate was already asleep. I couldn't just leave her outside the room, Mark so I invited her in and since you were too busy with your girlfriend in her room, I let her sleep in my bed and I slept in your bed," Jason informed, bending the truth only slightly.

A part of me was disillusioned that Jason wouldn't share what else had happened with us but my mind was merely telling me that it had to be kept on the down-low since his girlfriend might find out. But other than that, I still couldn't help but feel slightly elated that I managed to sleep in Jason's bed and spend some time talking to him, even if it was in the shadows.

"That's it, is it?" Mark questioned, dropping his knee. "What about some nights when you come back half way through the morning? You wake me up, you know."

"Just with Lea," he replied effortlessly, without any movement.

As it seems, both Mark and I narrowed our eyes at Jason but he was unconscious to mine. Instead, Mark spoke up. "Right, well, it's eight at the moment so if I were both of you, I'd get ready for class."

Mark strolled right into the bathroom, tilting his head a little in prior to closing the door softly behind him. Then, he opened it again and slammed it shut. "Damn door that doesn't close," I heard him mumble, chased by a bunch of uncharitable profanities.

I turned to Jason. "Tell no one what really happened, please," he begged. "You can say we spoke if they saw us but nothing else. I'll watch outside first to make sure no one's out there before you can go. I don't want Lea or Ruby finding out. God only knows what would happen."

"We did nothing wrong," I protested, standing up. I fingered my hair, trying to detangle the knots before glancing up at Jason. "Honestly we didn't."

Jason nodded, stepping forward to me. "I know we didn't but not many other people will see it that way like us, will they?"

Regardless of how much he was trying to persuade me, I nodded because I was already falling under his enchantment as he opened the door. He gawked around before beckoning me to walk past him. Our bodied brushed as I tried to slot through the gap and with one glance back at Jason, he smiled to the right side of his face before submerging into his room. The door closed and I made my way upstairs in my own solitude.

I knocked on the room door before Johanna opened a moment later. She had a towel around her hair with her dressing gown over her body. She was probably about to change, I mused as I stepped in beside her. She closed the door after me and I instantaneously detected my key card on my mini desk by my bed.

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