Thirty-Eight: A Surprise Talk †

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Mr. Gellar was strutting about and prancing between tables, gazing over everyone's shoulder to scrutinise their work.

He had already done it about five times with me and by the sixth time he came over, I repositioned my arm to cover the bottom of my work. Hearing Mr. Gellar frown behind me caused me to roll my eyes, moving my arm back. He was too busy messing with his hands and not being able to keep still to actually sit at his desk and grade other pieces of work.

At the moment, we were just finishing our final piece of work seeing as it was the final day of lessons because tomorrow was the start of Christmas break. Consequentially, it also meant we had to do the report over Christmas break – despite what Mr. Gellar had told us in previous lessons because he kept changing his mind about everything.

"Like I said, it has to be a minimum of five pages," he instructed adamantly, bouncing on his heels at the front of the class. That was the only thing he obstinate on and never changed his mind once.

When the bell did chime throughout the building, the sound of shuffling papers filled the room and doors outside in the corridor opening. Then came the sound of loud chatter outside. I stood up and pushed my chair in, slinging my bag over my shoulder.

"Don't forget to write the report over Christmas break for the first lesson back and to do the test from the book. Also: merry Christmas, everyone." With a final smile to terminate his proclamation, he opened the door for all of us.

That was our final lesson of the day so I trekked back to my room, seeing Johanna already unpacking her bag and sorting her books and papers into piles on her bed. Quizzically gaping at her, I shook my head and turned to my own bed, hanging my bag upside down and letting the contents collapse onto the bed.

"How much homework have you got?" asked Johanna, her back still to me.

"Just Psychology," I replied, licking my lips, "you?"

"All the sciences," she sighed. I don't know what I'd do with myself if I had to still do all three sciences. I was so happy to give them up when I went to college back in England. "Want to trade?" she added hastily.

"Definitely not."

Sighing both amusingly and regretfully, Johanna sat on her legs on the floor and leaned up to inspect all of her stacks. I shuffled my things around, putting some things back in my cupboard and other things on the floor in front of it. By the time I was done, Johanna was still scrutinising her heaps of paper.

I sat on the edge of my bed and closed my eyes. It was about five days until Christmas Eve which meant five days until I would actually be kissing Jason. A part of me – a big part, actually – was terrified to my core because of the repercussions and outcomes of the kiss. Another part of me – the tiniest part – wondered if anything good would come out of it. I was so conflicted whether or not to actually go through with it.

By the time Johanna was actually finished with dealing with her piles, she put them on top of her chest of drawers at the end of the bed into the same piles with even spaces between them. I rolled my eyes whilst she simultaneously began to lean back on her bed, relieved of her duty.

I got my laptop out of my cupboard and started it up. When I was on, I checked my emails first to see if my parents had replied. As they hadn't, I went straight onto Facebook and began to see if anything caught my eyes at all. Nothing really did except some of the posts on Lea's new relationship status on there (which I had managed to see because her settings aren't on private). Some of them were:

He's an idiot to give you up.

He'll see what he's missing soon enough.

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