Thirty: Secret Meet Up †

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Mom and Dad had both given me some more money before they departed further into the lair of the airport.

I had the cab waiting outside again for me as I waited until they had gone out of view. When they had gone, I got back into the cab wordlessly. The driver comprehended that they were going back to London – due to their distinctive accents – and said nothing.

That weekend was a little odd. I had done very little homework for Psychology. It was something to do with variables like the independent variable and the dependent variable. Needless to say I wasn't absorbed in the work like I should have been. Too late to dwell on the past now, anyway, I mused.

The next week came and it was the first week of November. That was demoralizing, slightly. I couldn't quite get my head around the fact that it had already been about two months here in this college. I couldn't grasp where all the time had gone. It just didn't make sense.

Jason had provided me with minimal contact since the competition, but others were still edging to get a chance to speak to me. Most of the time when I was walking down from my room to the food court other students would stop to congratulate me on my winnings on the stairs and exchange pleasantries and names. I had forgotten most of them.

Today with it being a Thursday evening, there was meant to be a training session on tonight but Coach Kate cancelled for the next three sessions (including the one we were meant to have on Tuesday) as a break considering the competition was only the previous Saturday. Thank God, I thought when I first acknowledged this. I needed a break.

I was working a little bit more on the Psychology homework, getting some help from the Internet in the room when Johanna came in. For once she didn't stumble over the carpet that had turned up from the door opening so much. She sat down on her bed and sighed exceedingly loudly.

"What's happened?" I asked, still scribbling aimless words down to take up some room on my notes. We had a minimum of five hundred words to write about the variables and such.

"We had to give an assignment in Biology and I'm the only one who did-" surprising, I thought, "and now the professor is making everyone re-do it including me."

"Can't you just hand the same one in?" I offered, glancing up to the side to witness Johanna's wrathful expression.

"No," she protested argumentatively. "The professor said he wanted it changed. I don't know why. He said it was an A grade assignment. Oh God. Now something else to worry about. I got my copy back though." She threw her head down into the palms of her hands.

"So why don't you just make a few changes here and there? He probably won't notice the difference."

Johanna slowly lifted her head up. Her eyes were wide and her cheeks paler than the crimson they were previously. She stared at me for a long second before clicking her fingers, pulling her hands away from just under her face. "Brilliant!" she congratulated. "Why didn't I think of that?" she mumbled to herself.

I chuckled slightly, feeling a little elated that I'd helped solve her little dilemma. I got back to writing because I had a few more sentences to note down and about thirty five words left to the five hundred word benchmark.

When I had terminated my homework, I put all my books away just as my phone vibrated on my diminutive table. I reached for it, sighing just as Johanna marched into the bathroom. She ignored the reverberation of my phone and kept her eyes on something that fixated her in the bathroom.

Jason: Can you meet me outside the changing rooms in the alley? Soccer isn't on tonight.

I glanced over at the time seeing it was nearing half seven. It would be quite dark outside but many people would be inside now in this dismal, beginning of November weather. It had gotten a lot colder since the competition, too.

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