Fifty: Jason Exposed †

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For all the meals in the college on Valentine's Day, there were special romantic meals which were slightly corny of the college to do, candidly.

It was also today where you mainly saw guys walking around with other girls instead of with the same gender for friends. Still, Johanna didn't feel particularly rapt by the concept of Valentine's Day.

The day was passing by slowly and I hadn't seen Jason the entire time. I wondered whether he was avoiding me but that had to be outlandish, right? Oh God, was I becoming unreasonable?

When I finally saw Jason, he was knocking on my room door and Johanna looked sideways at me. She nodded her head to the door so I answered and there Jason was. He was leaning against the panel that encased the door with a broad smirk toying at his lips.

"I have a restaurant reservation in half an hour. I hope you're ready," he said.

"Just let me get my coat," I replied, dashing back into the room to get both my coat and key card. "Bye, Johanna."

"Bye," said Johanna and Jason in unison in prior to closing the door and silencing her.

"Where are we going?" I asked, holding Jason's hand and interlocking our fingers.

"Just in town, nothing too fancy," he said, opening the door for me before we embarked outside. "But I wanted to do something nice today for you considering it's Valentine's Day."

I had actually got Jason some chocolates but they were in my room which I did declare at one point, but he shook his head and merely said I could give them to him at any time. Obliging, we made our way through town with my curiosity peaking at every corner. We even saw some people from college, which included Lea and Ruby but neither one of us spoke a syllable.

"Here we are!" announced Jason, gesticulating to a restaurant across the road. By now it was evening so it was illuminated by the fancy lighting.

The restaurant looked quite aristocratic and abruptly, I felt underdressed with my jeans, jumper and a coat but then again, Jason didn't look too much better than I did. Handsome, nonetheless, but not fancy. The restaurant was called Serenity and as we crossed the road, even the inside was just as posh as the outside with pictures hung on the crimson walls and flowers in the centre of the tables on top of the embroidery tablecloth.

"How can you afford this?" I questioned, breathless and gaping at the restaurant.

"I saved up," he replied, flashing me his million dollar smile.

Once we got inside, the warmth greeted us like an old friend and the waiter was stood waiting for us. "McCann," said Jason, "that's who the reservation is under."

"Ah, right this way please," replied the waiter, revealing a golden tooth in the back of his mouth. His dark hair and stubble didn't exactly please me, either but I kept that secret. "Right, what can I get you?" he asked once we were sat down. "Drinks," he clarified.

"Two Coke's," said Jason. "Thank you."

Jason and I scoped the menu whilst the waiter brought us our drinks. By this point, we were able to order our food. Jason ordered the lobster whilst I ordered vegetables, sautéed potatoes and a chicken breast. But I had to admit, from judging other people's foods, everything looked good. The waiter took our menus and I breathed a sigh of relief. It was truly nice in here and such a pleasant revolutionize from the college food court.

"How about we play a game?" suggested Jason. "You know, while we wait for our food."

"Okay, you go first," I replied, reclining back in my chair.

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