Prologue †

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I was walking along the sidewalk, dragging my suitcases behind me, watching the range of cars from Range Rovers to Mustangs whiz past me.

I felt a little out of place on my first day (which consisted mainly of trying to locate where everything is – no lessons) with my midnight sky ankle boots, covering the ends of my black jeans which were secured by a belt in a plait formation. My grey top was cut off so it showed a centimetre of skin around my stomach where my jeans didn't but I had a lighter coloured jacket on to cover most of it. Needless to say not many other girls shared my incongruous enthralment in clothes, I perceived as I glanced up ahead of me to a group of what looked like second year girls.

When I made it into the school gates to North Vale College, I briefly browsed around with my iridescent cerulean eyes. The same group of girls who were in front of me were now standing around a car which somehow managed to fit three suitcases – one for each of them. But they were huge.

Sighing, I stood still and glanced up at the building as I stood my suitcases up properly and rubbing my hands due to the sheer force of trying to haul those wretched things. The building looked somewhat old-fashioned but it had a spectacular athlete program, I noticed from the website. The building was about four stories high as it also contained the presentation rooms and dorm rooms. The bricks were still blood-coloured, not having been painted yet and nearly all the windows had the curtains concealing everything on the inside as the dorms had not been unlocked yet.

In front of the building, there were spectacular double doors which fitted in nicely with the conservative style of the building as the doors were tan-coloured and had two huge obscured mirrors in the top of them. It sort of reminded me of something from England – those buildings. At the moment, we were on the car park which didn't have too many cars, thankfully but I could see patches of green grass on the sides of the building which probably went round the back of the building.

"You can either just stand there, or move out the way for me," a snappy voice spoke behind me.

I turned around to see a male standing there with blonde hair that swept across his forehead in waves and piecing green eyes. He had a few freckles dotted about on his cheeks and a slight stubble which looped his lips. He was wearing a jersey and jeans – odd combination, I pondered but who was I to talk?

"You can walk around me," I remarked. "All you have to do is walk one more step than you would normally." And I turned around, ignoring the mumbled profanities from the male who towed his suitcase behind him as he sauntered around me.

Striding forward, I had my suitcases grasped and began to flood into the sea of people – all of whom were too busy to notice a petit girl ambling timidly into the crowd of students and cars since we were on a car park – all of whom were taller than her. There's always something though...

There were several professors standing on mini stages holding up room numbers or corridor numbers. But the main crowd of students were a long line which was moving steadily forward but I had no idea what it was for. Instead, I merely waited in line for whatever was to come. Until-

I fell to the floor.

I glimpsed up to see a tall, handsome boy standing over me, doubled-over which his hands on his knees to steady him. He had full, pink which was the first thing I noticed about him which were not encircled by a stubble or beard or moustache, for that matter. He had light brown hair which was spiked up and shaved at the sides to reveal his pierced ears which had a small diamond in them – obviously fake, I observed. His eyes were a coffee brown and every time he blinked, his long, thick lashes covered them. He was wearing sneakers, tight-fitted jeans which were situated low on his waist and a random v-neck white top with dog chains dangling uselessly from his neck and chattering against one another every time he jerked his neck. I could get used to that sound, most definitely.

I hadn't realised I'd been intently checking him out until he chuckled and clicked his fingers in front of my newly-scarlet face; newly because of my enraged flush on my cheeks and neck right now.

"I asked if you were alright," he spoke. "Are you?" His smile was still toying at his lips as if he found this whole predicament rather comical. But the girl behind him scoffed, blatantly deeming otherwise. "I'm Jason," he introduced as he pulled me up subsequent to offering his hand for me. His hand, though.

"Tiegan," I replied. "Thank you for helping me up," I mumbled sheepishly.

"It's no worries," he spoke, waving his hand back and forth. "I did, after all, knock you over. Not the best way to start pleasantries, I believe."

There was something about the way he spoke that told me he wasn't from around here, a tiny town in Georgia. But then again, I wasn't from anywhere in America. But there was the way he spoke, too which seemed like he read often and even took English class but I was curious and intrigued.

"Thank you, again," I said.

He shook his head. "No worries. And look, you're next in line. That woman is waiting for you." His eyes flickered to behind me as he lazily pointed to the woman at the end of the table who just so happened to be the furthest away.

I turned around and grasped my suitcases before wheeling them over to the woman at the end of the line, unable to shake the feeling of what that boy had on me. He was undeniably handsome and unquestioningly astonishing. Not the best way to describe a new guy you have just met when really, he knocked me over by accident. But the girl behind him didn't seem too thrilled about it; I didn't even get a chance to scrutinize her accurately.

"Name please," the woman sat behind the desk spoke.

"Tiegan Smith," I articulated.

The woman didn't reply but instead scanned the many pages of names she had before finding me with a small mumbling noise. She put a ruler on the page just under where my name was and began to read things out to me.

"You're on the fourth floor and your room is 284. Your roommate is Johanna and you need to go to the professor with the sign that says the fourth floor, okay?" She paused before monitoring the key cards. "This is your key card to your room. Just slide it through the lock and it'll flash green. No one has keys anymore and Johanna already has her card. Thank you." She ticked off my name. Well, more like scribbled.

I nodded and thanked her before seizing the key and beginning to heave the suitcases to the professor holding up the fourth floor sign. On my way, I tried to see if Jason was anywhere to be found but as I tried examining the huge mass which was the crowd, I felt disheartened and gave up my search before finding the elderly professor, beckoning more martyrs over who were the victims of the top floor.

As I waited in line, I began to ponder absentmindedly whether I would indeed see Jason again or even the girl behind him, whatever her name was or whatever she looked like, for that matter. Even so, I didn't let myself think of him for too long. I'd moved thousands of miles away just to go to this college because it was the best one for the athletic program so I needed to make this work: I couldn't get distracted over a silly, mature, handsome boy. Oh, those eyes.

Oh, hell.

Author's Note:

How do you guys feel about this prologue? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! And Jason has been introduced already!! But just so you guys know, this story will have around 50ish chapters, possibly more as I have plenty in store for you guys.

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