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Fifty-Nine: Track Exam and Congratulation Kissing †

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It was already the time of the Track practical exam.

May had sped through and June had crept in already. It was so weird to think soon the year would be ending and I'd be presenting my Psychology project in July. Then it would be summer break. Then we'd repeat the whole year but in more detail and progress through it better.

Everyone who did Track had to change quickly and meet Coach Kate on the track. She was holding her clipboard with a stopwatch hung around her neck, dangling precariously close to the clipboard. If she were to make any abrupt movements, they would both clang. I stood up straighter, nervous for this exam. This would be 50% percent of my final grade because the theory exam would be the other half.

"Right," began Coach Kate in her loudest announcement voice, "all you girls have been stars this year, but this time, it's the real thing. You want to make this count. I will be assessing you all individually which may take awhile because it will include all the normal routines, plus some feedback on your times, too. We shall treat this like an exam, too. If you want, you can all do some revision in the middle of the pitch in the tent whilst I assess everyone. You can go back and get your revision before you start. However, the first person to be assessed is Verity Evans. Everyone else, I'd like you all to stay in the tent until the girl comes back and announces who will be next. Off you go then! Evans, if you could hold on for ten minutes or so until everyone's in the tent," she added in a quieter voice, nodding at Verity.

"Good luck," I said to her before passing her by.

I continued my descent back to my room to get all of the revision I would need for both Track and Psychology; I figured I'd alternate between the two every so often. I held the stacks of papers, bonded together in a notepad back to the track and submerged myself into the tent. Only Ruby and another red-headed girl were inside. Ruby looked up, glowered at me before bowing her head again.

I set off to revise at once, positioning myself as far away from Ruby as I possibly could. Not many other girls sat near me, but I didn't mind. It meant that I could get work done. But each time a girl came and left, I always raised my head, wondering if I'd be next. But Coach Kate was doing it all in alphabetical order. We were only at M still.

"I think I did alright," said a blonde-haired girl to her friend. "I mean, I forgot a stretch but that's easily dealt with. Oh, Marissa McLace now," she said, absent-mindedly gesticulating some waving with her hand.

Marissa, white as a sheet, stood up and trembled her way outside onto the track. The blonde-haired girl said goodbye to her friend and left, adjusting her revision stack under her arms. She was carrying a hell of a lot of revision. I think I barely had half of what she was transporting.

About another forty-five minutes later, my name finally got called. I packed up my revision and carried it out onto the track with me like the preceding girls had. I put the revision down by Coach Kate as she demanded before she decided to give me a little talk.

"Right, just treat this like any other lesson, okay? We both know you'll get the quickest time and you'll get more marks for that. We both know you have it in you to at least get an A in Track. Heck, you can get an A*. Just stay calm and don't let your nerves get the better of you. You'll fly through it. Literally. Set to go then?"

I nodded, taking her words into deliberation. "Thanks, Coach."

Coach Kate actually smiled for once, flashing off her teeth. "Right, stretches first, Smith. In your own time."

I began to do the normal routine, getting it from memory in lessons and the extra revision I did. I had purchased revision guides in town for both Track and Psychology awhile back when Johanna proposed the idea. It actually told you all the stretches and exercises in there but one of the exercises the book made was for you to put them in order so I'm pretty sure I've got this part. Also, the running part should be a breeze.

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