Thirty-Six: Project Planning †

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News of Jason and Lea's split had spread around school like wild fire in the next week.

There was not a single person who wasn't aware of the ground-breaking news. I was evening beginning to get glared at now because evidently, the news of me cropping up in the conversation had spread, too. Some people, mercifully, didn't bother to witness my existence as I ambled past them around college.

Lea kept her head bowed at all times when I saw him which was only once or twice when I'd go back to my room because she's only a few rooms down from me. Ruby was always walking beside her, too keeping her head up and their arms linked.

Jason, funnily enough, I had barely seen except for when his soccer training clashed with our late night practices. And also, since I did watch the soccer game the other night, I saw him then but I didn't speak to him. He was one of the first players to submerge into the changing rooms. He never came back out, either whilst I was still walking down.

Johanna had been relentlessly asking questions about everything. I had told her that I witnessed Jason and Lea's breakup up until the point where I ran off sobbing. She sat quietly and listened intensely to my words, never making me repeat them due to how stressed I was in the end.

"He seems to be serious about it all," she said. "If he's dumped Lea for a kiss on Christmas Eve, you know he's planning something good."

That thought had barely even occurred to me.

"But I don't get it. Why would he give up something he's had for four years just for me who he's known since September? It's been three months, Johanna."

"Boys work in mysterious ways," she notified, leaning back on her bed to commence her biology homework. "I suppose you don't think changing your psychology project back to him exclusively is a good idea then?"

I shook my head. "Definitely not," I replied stubbornly, crossing my legs on my bed. "Not if he's serious about this. I can't mess something else up for him."

The conversation ceased there. Johanna found my argument reasonable and managed to complete her biology homework in silence with me on my laptop. I was emailing my parents since they had suggested on the phone it would be good seeing as they're by computers a lot of the time. I had agreed. It would save money for my phone bill, at any rate.

I just had to tell my parents everything was fine and that I'd be coming back to England with them after Christmas. They were coming up for Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day and we'd catch the next flight out after Boxing day back to England where I'd stay with them back at home for the majority of the remainder of the break. They were fine about having to spend Christmas here. I had to influence them, palpably just to make sure the deal on Christmas Eve would happen.

Homework had come to a standstill for me by this time now considering it was the weekend already. The first week of December had flown by dismally unhurriedly due to the incessant glares from other people. However, I was meeting up with Verity now in her room to discuss something. I felt like I'd need a second opinion on the whole psychology project thing and she was the best person to ask.


I whizzed around to see Verity leaning out of a door. I smiled at her and strolled to her. She let me in her room silently and closed the door shut behind her. I took a glance around her room.

Her room had a different layout to mine seeing as it was on a different floor, too. She had her bathroom still on the wall parallel to the main door with her chest of drawers – and the other girl's – on each side of the bathroom door. Their bed was further down the walls, as a result of this and their little table was at the foot of the bed. But this did mean they had a little desk and chair in the middle of the room with a Sony laptop on at the moment and a desk lamp which was turned off.

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