Twenty-One: Jason's Excursion †

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What Mark had said earlier had been embedded in my mind.

Jason goes out late at night and doesn't come back until the early hours of the morning. That was an ambiguity that I wanted to crack so then I could use it for the project and expose Jason.

I was, however, torn. A part of me didn't want to do this because of our developing friendship between Jason and I and the other part wanted to do it to hope that it may break Lea and Jason up. Jason and I were just friends, but that didn't stop a ravenous monster inside of my stomach erupted every time I saw them together.

Sighing to myself, I remembered telling Johanna about what Mark said. She told me that I had to do a little investigating of my own and follow him. Thankfully, the doors were open all night long so you could flee at any time and in the dimness, who would see you?

I was sat in the food court near the entrance. You could even sit in here all night if you wanted and with it being midnight nearly, everyone else had skedaddled so it was literally just me in here. That worked to my advantage, however, when no one would suspect anyone being in here and they wouldn't even glance in here.

And that's exactly what Jason did when he came charging through the corridor: he didn't take one glimpse at the food court.

I stood up, quietly tucked my chair back under the table and exited the food court. I followed Jason outside and he began marching right into town. He wore a fully black outfit: black sneakers, black jeans, black v-neck top, black shades and a black jacket. It amazed me how prepared he was for the night-time prowl, despite the shadiness.

I followed Jason right into town, hoping to be as quiet as I could. But frankly, that was quite hard to do in my boots but I managed to stay a respectable distance away from Jason so he wouldn't hear me. But that's when he took a spontaneous left turn along the sidewalk and we came up to an alleyway. It wasn't very long and by the time I entered it, Jason was out of view. I ran through the alleyway and stopped at the end. It was either a left or right turning and when I glanced to the right, I could just make out Jason's silhouette.

I carried on following him and I noticed that we were coming up to the ominous side of this town in Georgia. There were no shops but instead, bare buildings and nightclubs. I really hope Jason wasn't going to go into a nightclub and with the nervous feeling in my stomach, I didn't know what to think. I was growing anxious and apprehensive but then Jason took a left.

Where are you going? I mused.

After several more lefts and rights, I hid behind a corner. The wall was bitter cold and I shivered from just touching it. Jason was standing outside a building, glancing up at it. It was a warehouse. I exhaled deeply before Jason submerged himself into the building.

I didn't bother staying and waiting until Jason came back out. Alternatively, I ran back the way I had come, fortuitously getting lost. I managed to find my way back again when I somehow ended up in the middle of the darkened town. By the time I got back to the room, it was nearly half one in the morning and to say how cold it was outside, since I had ran all the way, I was sweating.

Johanna's eyes shot open as soon as I barged into the room. "What happened?"she breathed, gasping as she sat up, causing her science book to plunge vociferously to the floor.

I fell down onto my bed, letting my heartbeat cease beating so much before looking up at Johanna. "I followed him onto like the other side of town," I declared. "He was literally dressed all in black and then he went into this warehouse. It was near the nightclubs and bare buildings but I have no idea what he was going in there for."

Since Johanna and I had a free period tomorrow morning, we were able to continue this conversation for a little while longer, despite the innumerable yawns from her. I, on the other hand, couldn't sleep after what I had seen. I wonder if Lea knew.

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