One: The New Roommate †

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Mercifully, the professors had all agreed and – some – were willing to even carry our suitcases to our rooms so we wouldn't have to.

I found my shoulders were already beginning to ache dreadfully from just lugging those wretched things around so it would be somewhat pleasurable to see a professor have to do it. Even though they were probably stronger than me and worked out... unlike me so they'd be able to tow them.

I waited in the crowd of the professor who held up the fourth floor sign so I began to survey him. He was somewhat old, his what-used-to-be luscious brown hair now had flakes of grey in it and so did his beard that curved round to his neck. He wore a golden ring on his finger so he was evidently married. Maybe his wife fell for those rainy cloud eyes, he possessed. He was wearing long brown trousers and even though I couldn't perceive the shoes, I didn't think they'd be too exciting, deeming from the light cream top he wore. Yes, this professor seemed like a ball of fun.

Turning away from the professor, I studied the crowd. The line I was just in was slowly decreasing in size as most people were now waiting around their professors. I turned back to see if I could try and decipher which one was Johanna – my roommate – but gave up when there were over a dozen girls.

I didn't even find the boy from before: the "rude" one who knocked into me. Then again, he did express regret for the way we started pleasantries. Oh, the way he spoke.

It's not even been an hour in this college and there's already a boy on my mind.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour, the professors began to guide their group of students through the college but seeing as I was on the far left side because this professor was in the wrong place, we were meant to go first and not last. Instead, he played it cool with a ruby flush staining his cheeks and neck.

When it was finally our turn, I ambled across the parking lot before stepping up the steps to the big double doors where North Vale College was written above them in cursive handwriting. Definitely something old, I mused. But as I entered the college, the inside was categorically the converse of the outside and I gawped in awe.

The corridor where you first walked in was white but it was covered in posters and signup sheets and notices. The colours stood out to me a lot and it dawned on me why they used a white background. There were even little tables in the corners by the doors where some leaflets were of certain things in this small town.

I smiled. This wasn't going to be so bad after all.

On the right were some toilets and on the left was the enormous dining area where I could already see the chef making some pancakes which must be a first day special. He wore a big, puffy white hat and a grin on his face. He was young and undeniably the reverse of the teacher we were following right now. But still scurrying up the corridor, we came to the stairs but on the left were a library – it seemed a little out of place to me but as we walked up the stairs, I sneaked a glimpse through the window of the library and smiled. Oh, it was big.

We ignored the next two floors and kept sauntering up the staircase which seemed to go on for forever while other professors passed us, carrying suitcases and going to collect more suitcases from the parking lot. But the majority had already been dispatched. They already had our names on them so they only had to go to the floors and they probably had a system going. It would seem like the logical thing, at any rate.

When we finally got to the last floor, I heard a couple of mumbled cheers and even one person asked how the old codger didn't seem out of breath by the time we made it up. If he heard the obscene question, he didn't show it. Instead, he let everyone up to the top floor before giving somewhat of a speech.

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