Forty: Mistletoe †

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"It's Christmas Eve today," Johanna noted. "Has Jason texted you or anything?"

It was already the afternoon and I hadn't seen or heard anything from Jason yet. It was becoming a little ominous by the devoid of communication, especially after what occurred at the Christmas party, too, but today we were meant to properly kiss. Officially kiss, even.

I checked my phone one last time before tossing it to the space next to me on my bed. It was only an hour before dinner, as well and I was also growing famished. Johanna didn't have my problem because she was munching on a packet of crisps whilst doing an essay. I took a break from homework today. I have also not been able to eat any of the food I brought with Verity. It was all still intact in my cupboard.

By the time it was dinner, Johanna and I ambled downstairs. Johanna was complaining ceaselessly about her stomach being quite full. I told her she shouldn't have eaten the packet of chips, but she didn't listen to me, evidently. She could only manage half of her Christmas meal that the college was doing. I ate about the same, but my lack of eating was due to nerves more than anything.

The numbers had decreased further since the Christmas party. People must have stayed just for it and then left the next day – obviously after getting a decent amount of sleep which probably resulted in them not getting up until lunch time. Johanna and I didn't have that problem because we left quite early.

The boy who asked Johanna to dance was called Oscar. Johanna said that as soon as they finished dancing, he went straight onto another girl and danced with her. That's when she waited back in front of the door when both Jason and I emerged. She wasn't having much luck with boys so far with the past semester. Then again, I wasn't having much luck, either.

We put our trays on the stacks at the front before going back up to the room. I let us in and almost immediately checked my phone. I gasped. "I have a message from Jason!" I shrieked, automatically lowering my voice after that.

Johanna ceased what she was doing and turned around sharply. "What does it say?" she questioned sternly, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"'Meet me in the entrance of the college at half seven. Wrap up warm.'" It ended just like that.

With her eyebrows inquisitively raised, she said, "So you'd better get ready soon. You've got about an hour."

"What does he mean by wrap up warm, though? Like, wear a coat? Will we be outside?" I bombarded her with questions.

She held up her hands. "Hey, I'm not the one planning it but yes, I think you should wear a coat and a scarf. It gets colder outside at night, you know."

I rolled my eyes and in the remaining time I had left, I began to get ready. I ended up wearing my black jeans, little ankle boots, a baggy top underneath my thick coat and a scarf around my neck. Johanna even let me borrow her gloves to wear, too which had finger holes. I left my hair somewhat natural because if it started snowing at any point, that would do something to it anyway. I didn't bother with much makeup, too – just a little foundation, blusher and mascara.

"I think you're ready," she spoke. "It's really nearly half seven. You should go down now."

"Wish me luck," I muttered, opening the door before retracing my steps and taking my key card off Johanna who was stood there, arm outstretched holding it. "Thanks."

"Good luck," she called out softly just before the door closed.

I ambled nervously downstairs to the threshold of the college when a figure emerged from the dark out of the food court. I jumped; startled until I recognised it was Jason. He was wearing a black top, a black plain leather jacket, dark skinny jeans, red fingerless gloves, red shoes and his customary dog chains which were suspended around his neck. His hair was even spiked up like standard.

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