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Fifty-Four: Kissing and Advice †

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I was just absent-mindedly gawping at down at my Psychology project on my bed when someone knocked on the door.

I shuffled all the papers together before tucking them in my cupboard hastily. I was still indecisive about whether I should do the project on Jason or not. If I did, I would probably lose him for good this time and then where would I be? Back to square one, huh?

I crossed the room to the door, thinking it would just be Johanna and she forgot her key card (she went to the library to get some more books), but when I opened the door, I got a very nice surprise. Jason was leaning against the door frame, smirking so the right side was higher than the left as he winked suggestively at me. Without asking, he brushed past me and swept into my room. I closed the door behind him.

"Don't you have work to do?" I queried, thrusting my hands into the big pocket at the front of my leaver's hoodie. I was also wearing leggings today because I knew I wouldn't be leaving my room.

"Finished it," he replied quickly, jubilantly smiling at me. "Come here."

He held out his arms for me and I willingly let myself be secured by them. He wrapped them around me and swayed us side to side gently. He leaned his head down, burying it in my neck before inhaling profoundly. "You smell nice."

"The perfume smells nice," I corrected, my arms around Jason's waist.

"Same meat, different gravy," replied Jason.

Pulling my head back, Jason emulated my conduct before leaning down gradually and slowly placing his lips upon mine. It was a quick peck at first, before his lips became more ravenous and they parted. Mine parted after and he tilted his head. We didn't use tongues yet. Instead, he began to slowly suck on my bottom lip tantalisingly. His hands were gripping my tights, letting them slide under my hoodie to the warmth. Mine were now holding his cheeks, pulling his head down further.

Once Jason had finished sucking on my lower lip enough to have already teased me, he let his tongue enter my mouth as I did the same. They glided against one another's before his began to wrestle mine. I smirked into the kissing, wrapping one arm around his neck and keeping one hand on his cheek.

"Let's get to the bed, shall we?" Jason murmured seductively.

My stomach churned and my knees buckled as he began kissing me again, walking forwards so I was walking backwards until I fell back against the mattress on an angle and Jason fell on top of me. We turned over so I was on top, my knees on either side of his hips, straddling him. He winked at me as the kissing commenced yet again.

His hands were trailing up my tights, to my waist and to my bra at the sides. When his hands were back at my thighs, he traced his hands up teasingly slowly and slid them under both my hoodie and top. His hands were cold on my warm skin that they made me shiver, goosebumps arising on my sides.

"Jason," I whispered, his cold hands the only thing on my mind.

He chuckled. "Yeah?"

"Why are your hands so cold?"

Without replying, he leaned up to kiss me again but before he could do anything else, the door opened and Johanna barged inside. Turns out she remembered her keys then, I mused. I jumped off Jason, landing on my butt on the end bed as Johanna closed the door slowly after her. She watched us intently with wide eyes. "Oh God," she said. "Should I go?"

"Yes," said Jason as I said, "No." I glowered at Jason. "No. Stay."

Johanna cautiously walked to her side of the bed. Her eyes were still on us as she sat down on the bed. I'm pretty sure she was cursing at us right now, scarred for life. It actually made me inquisitive to whether she had done anything like this before with a guy. A part of me couldn't bear to think like that because she seemed innocent with her interest in Science.

"Good day, Jason?" Johanna enquired after the awkward silence dwelt in the air, loitering needlessly and annoyingly.

"Yeah," said Jason, flashing me a wink, "it's been a good day."

I flushed as Johanna nodded solemnly seeing as Jason did reiterate the question. Instead, he stood up. He leaned down and kissed my lips hastily before saying, "I'm going back to my room now so I'll see you later. I love you."

"I love you too," I said, knowing he had work left to do because he lied earlier. Obviously he'd still have work, I mused.

Jason left, saying goodbye quickly to Johanna before closing the door after himself. I turned to Johanna who was endeavouring to suppress a smile at me. She turned her head, trying to disguise her expression as she busied herself with her duvet.

"So, I take it you're not doing the project on him then?" she asked.

I frowned. "I don't know what to do," I admitted, sagging my shoulders.

"Do you want some advice?" she prompted.

"Go for it," I said, leaning back against the wall.

"I don't think you should do it," she said bluntly, turning slowly back to me. "You love Jason, obviously. Why would you want to jeopardise your relationship a second time? You did it the first time when you asked why he was going into the warehouse. Yes, okay, you were curious and you wanted to know, but it is his life. By doing the project, you'd be exposing him. You could lose him for good this time, you know. I don't think you want to lose him."

I sighed. "Then what can I do for the project?"

"Anything," said Johanna. "You could do it about a singer or a band. You could do it about a famous soccer player. You don't just have to restrict yourself to Jason and believe you can't do the project."

I nodded. "I can do anyone."

"Precisely. Don't feel obligated to do it on, Jason. I don't want you upset again."

I kept my eyes on Johanna for a moment, silent. "You know, I'm glad you're my roommate. I think I'd have killed myself by now if I got someone like Ruby."

Johanna grinned. "I could say the same about you."

Author's Note:

These next few chapters will mainly be fillers until the ending as it's in sight now! There are probably around 8-ish chapters left, so be prepared!

Thank you :) x

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