Fifty-Five: Childhood Stories †

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"You haven't told me much about your childhood," prompted Jason.

It had been a few weeks and March was creeping up. I couldn't believe how fast this college year was going, candidly. I felt like when a week had passed, it had only been a few hours yet I could recall everything I had done. It was bizarre but even Johanna could concur.

I leaned up from his chest to glance at him. "I could say the same about you actually."

"I told you my parents were criminals." He paused. "I said I've jumped from family to family without the ability to settle with them. I was a horrible kid. I was rebellious. I'm better now."

I retained my snigger as my hand mechanically raised and my fingers began to fiddle aimlessly with the dog chain around my neck. I had commenced wearing it again now that Jason and I were dating. I just hope nothing else would happen that would mean we'd break up and he might perhaps go back to Lea or find someone new. Dear God, if that was the case, I could only hope the person wasn't anything like Ruby. That would be apocalyptic.

"So it's your turn."

I sighed. "My parents are wealthy," I mumbled sheepishly. "So I had a good childhood."

"Keep going," replied Jason after a moment of silence on my behalf. "Don't feel bad about what you had as a child. I don't care. I like where I am now."

Nodding merely, I continued. "I'm an only child, too so I got spoilt. They have good jobs." I frowned. "I don't know what else you want me to say really."

"Tell me anecdotes."

Jason shifted over so he was lying on his side in front of me and I emulated his pose. We both had our heads on his pillow – considering we were in his room – with Bubbles now between us for the reason that Jason had bent his arm over me to repossess him. Bubbles was a little further down than us, however, so we could still see one another's faces.

"Okay," I exhaled. "One time, Dad had a day off work so he decided to take me to the local park we lived near. Mum still had to go, though. We even packed a little picnic with sandwiches and juice cartoons and fruit and even a little packet of sweets because my dad liked to spoil me like that, despite whatever my mum said about my teeth."

"What happened?" questioned Jason inquisitively, shifting his position slightly.

"We sat down on the grass and as Dad went through the picnic box, I ran off to the swings. I was like six at the time so I was pretty thrilled about the swings. I went on an adult one and tried to start swinging whilst I was calling my dad for help. When he looked up, he looked so shocked to say I was on an adult's swing that I had actually managed to get on, too. Without a moment's thought, he ran over to me and got me off, holding me in his arms until he put me down. We were about to go back to the picnic box in our space when some kids ran past, grabbing the box and running off with it. There was nothing valuable in there anyway so instead, Dad took me to McDonalds. It was a pretty good day."

Jason was chuckling profusely by the end of my tale, nodding with all of his teeth exposed. "That does sound like a pretty good day, actually. I wouldn't mind a McDonalds now, if I'm honest."

"Let's go then. There's one in town."

Jason looked surprised as I sat up but nodded anyway. I'm pretty sure a growing lad like himself wouldn't mind a McDonalds any day of the week. And since today was a weekend, why not better to treat ourselves for the hard work we've endured all year round so far? Exams will crop up soon and we'll have no time to ourselves presumably. I don't even want to consider things like that.

It was a nice spring's day so we weren't as wrapped up anymore. We did still have jackets on but we had to strip ourselves of them as soon as we got to McDonalds. It wasn't too hectic, either to say it was like three in the afternoon. We only had to wait a few minutes before we got served and we even managed to locate vacant seats near a window.

Jason ordered two cheese burgers, large fries and a large Coke. I ordered six chicken nuggets, large fries and a large Coke. I was silently grateful for Jason looking like a pig as he ate and not me. Although, I'm pretty sure I got a few funny, fleeting glances at the same time - hopefully not as many as Jason.

"England sounds so good," he purred dreamily subsequent to scrunching up one cheese burger wrapper. "I wish I could go there; I can just imagine it. And your accent is pretty sexy." He popped a few fries in his mouth before opening the second cheese burger wrapper.

My cheeks flushed, reddening with warmth as I tried to conceal it with eating a chicken nugget. "You should visit sometime. Although, I'd prefer it if you didn't say that about every girl's British accent if you came."

He leaned in close. "Oh no, I'd only say it about yours if I came." He winked suggestively and leaned forwards, capturing my lips in a swift kiss and we sat back down again.

He sighed as he took a humongous bite out of his burger. "You know, I'm so glad I don't have to watch over what you eat. Four years I had to do that. And with you, man, you eat a lot anyway."

"I'm a runner," I gasped. "I burn it all off when I run. Plus, I need energy like this."

"I wish most girls had the same philosophy as you."

"Which is?" I offered.

"Eating for energy for your passion rather than eating less to lose weight and lose interest in your body as time goes on, caring less for it," replied Jason, stuffing a long fry into his mouth. "I know the second concept. I've witnessed the second concept. It's not fun."

"I don't want to care less for my body." I frowned. "I have to care for it. I have to stretch before runs and after runs. I have to make sure I don't overdo anything. I have to make sure I'm well-prepared before running so I don't pull a muscle or even injure myself out on the track."

"I have to do the same thing and here I am eating McDonalds. I'm pretty sure it's not good for my heart."

"Same," I exhaled deeply, sipping on my Coke now because that was all I had left – I had eaten everything else.

He discarded another empty cheese burger wrapper onto the tray next to my empty chicken nugget box and ate the few remaining fries before putting the box sketchily next to it. He began to sip on his Coke like me until he pulled back the straw.

"But you know, you're good for my heart." He winked at me again.

I'm pretty sure I die everything inside when he winks or says cheesy pickup lines.

Author's Note:

I'M SORRY FOR THIS FILLER CHAPTER, but you get some insight into their childhood! Hope you enjoyed.

Thank you :) x

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