Seventeen: Replicated Pictures and Home Calls †

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It was Saturday evening and most students would now be in the food court.

I had time to do this little... mission, in a way. I was going to photocopy the pictures of Jason modelling and save some of them for the project – palpably not the half naked ones. I'm pretty sure he especially wouldn't want that.

It felt odd to do this and go behind his back but – but what? I had nothing else to say in my justification. I wasn't even sure how long I could even keep this bloody thing up. I'd have to sneak around Jason, probably prying into his personal life and ask him questions that would seem amusingly peculiar and yet, he'd have to answer them for me.

The only problem was the suspecting spectators. Johanna was the one who proposed doing the project on poor Jason, Verity knew something was going on between Jason and I and Ruby scouted us out when we met up in town but she doesn't know what we were talking about or anything. I'd have to meet up with Jason more though to ask him some of these questions but some of them were ridiculous. I couldn't ask if he had a drug quandary. He'd know something was going on if I were to query it.

With the modelling pictures stuck in my russet bag that was slung over my shoulder, I had already commenced my descent for town. Not many students were about bar for the few that wanted a McDonalds or to go to Subway. Either way, I hoped I could shun those students. They didn't seem like the type of people to ignite my enticement.

The photocopying shop was just a little more down the street of market stalls and mini conveniences. There was a flower shop right next door to the photocopying shop called Mia's Flowers. There was something about the names of these shops on his street like Paul's Photocopying – they didn't seem predominantly stimulating.

Entering the photocopying shop, I opened the door, letting the bells chime away as I closed it again, knocking them to make the song intensify. There was an elderly woman in front of me, asking for Paul, I'm deducing, to photocopy her pictures of her teenage daughter. I looked away to see the machines untenanted on the left hand side wall. I took my chance with the mechanism and not have a moderately mortifying discussion with Paul and linger.

Stepping to the side to the machine, I brought out the envelope in my bag and pulled out the pictures. I placed all the photos on the screen and since none of them were A4 size and instead, much smaller, I managed to fit several into an A4 piece of paper and then I figured I'd just cut them out back in the room after dinner. I didn't want to arouse much misgiving.

The photocopying – after trying to decipher what buttons to press and how to actually work the asinine contraption – was straightforward subsequent to everything. I managed to photocopy all ten pictures in little over five minutes and when I was finished, I put the actual photos in the envelope again and folded up the paper pictures into my bag, in a way so none of them would be creased. Then I handed the money to Paul at the counter (which was $10 - $1 for every picture due to their size).

I turned to departure from this place before, "Come again soon!" was called out behind me from Paul, counting the money just to be cautious.

I turned around. "I will," I replied, ever-so smoothly before turning around and nearly walking into the opening door. Now that wasn't smooth.

Ruby was on the other side.

I stepped back almost immediately and left my face impassive. Ruby strode past me, letting the door close behind her. I rolled my eyes, pulling it open in prior to leaving that place. I hoped Ruby wouldn't suspect anything but considering nor her or Lea were educated about the modelling pictures, I doubt they'd find it particularly enthralling that I was there. I could simply just pass it off as psychology homework - a little extra something to do.

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