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Epilogue †

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Jason was helping me lug my suitcases and bags to the cab out the front of the college.

It was the next day and Johanna and Verity had already gone home this morning. I managed to say goodbye to both of them before they left, making sure we'd meet up right at the beginning of the year. But some other people were leaving now, filling up the car park with cabs and suitcases. Some of the professors were on the look-out to make sure everyone was going home appropriately.

"Will your parents like me?" Jason asked, hauling my suitcase behind him.

I adjusted the bag strap over my arm. "Of course. Just charm them. But not too much. My dad might think you're coming onto him."

Jason chuckled. He put the suitcases down on the floor in front of us before sighing."I've forgotten something in your room. I'll be a few minutes, wait here?" Jason said, holding my shoulders gently.

"Sure," I replied, smiling. I put the bag down on the floor next to the suitcase.

I turned back to Mom and Dad as Jason went sprinting off into the building. He wasn't leaving until later today so he was going into town later. Mom was already smiling at me with something flickering in her eyes. Dad was watching after Jason.

"He's nice," exclaimed Mom. "Does he treat you well?"

"Yes, Mum," I said, failing to cloak my smile that was spreading across my face. I'm sure it had reached my eyes by now.

"He's not rushing you, is he?"

"No, Mum," I said exasperatedly.

"Good jaw line," Dad commented, turning back to us. I was squinting my eyes at him quizzically when he elaborated. "Only the best for our, Tiegan."

Still slightly confused by Dad's comments, he hauled the luggage into the cab with the help of the driver who took a break from counting his money to assist. He got back in the cab when Dad informed him that there were no more bags and sat, waiting patiently.

"Where do you think he's got to?" asked Mom.

"He said he forgot something," I replied.

A few minutes later, Jason came trotting out of the college and straight to us, holding a teddy bear in his hands. Bubbles. I smiled as he held it out to me. "I don't know how long it will take for me to get to England because I'll probably find a hotel nearby to stay first so I'm giving you this until I next see you."

"You can keep him until we next see one another," I said.

"Phil, why don't we get in the cab and wait," Mom suggested, holding Dad's arm lightly.

"Exquisite idea," Dad replied.

Mom and Dad got in the cab and Jason handed me Bubbles. "I know he'll miss me a hell of a lot," breathed Jason, "but whenever I'm with him, I can tell he's pining after you. Plus, he's always silent with me. I've said this before."

Chuckling in response, I turned back to the cab before looking at Jason again. My parents were waiting.

"Ready for another year?" said Jason.

I sighed. "Have I got a choice?" I leaned in close to him, wrapping one arm around his waist and leaning against his chest. He wrapped one arm around my shoulders and kept me there.

"Promise me one thing, though?"

"Sure." I looked up to him.

"No more projects on me, alright?" He was smirking as he leaned down. Our lips connected in a kiss before I could reply and they lingered there for a moment, letting each one of us savour this, even though we know there were still going to be many more kisses this year.

"Promise," I replied, pulling back and smiling. "I'll see you when you come back to London, okay?" I kissed him one last time.


With Bubbles in my hand, I ambled slowly to the cab before getting in next to my mom in the back. I put on my seat belt, feeling the strange triangular embrace I haven't felt in awhile before turning back around. The cab's engine roared to life and I waved back to Jason, holding Bubbles up, too and making him wave.

"You'll see him before you know it," Mom said as I turned back around.

And she was right. I only spent little under two weeks in London before Jason came and spent the rest of the holiday with me. And even in that time we called and Skyped one another the entire time, even emailing sometimes, too. We spent the holiday exploring London – considering how Jason had never been here before – and going out with my parents. I even helped him more with his singing, too. He wanted to push that further as well. And of course, he showed my dad his Soccer skills.

By that time, a new year at North Vale College had rolled around and we were unpacking our stuff once again. Bubbles was back on Jason's bed for now.


Author's Note:

And that's the end of the story! How do you guys feel about this story? I would love to know your thoughts. I'd also just like to say thank you for everyone who stuck around for this story. I appreciate every vote and every comment you guys leave and I reply to every comment (or at least I try to so I apologise if I don't reply!). I hope to see you guys on another story, hopefully!


Thank you :) x

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